Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

The Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and Improvements, also known as LCRR and LCRI refer to new regulation regarding lead and copper materials in drinking water. The full LCRR and LCRI can be found on the EPA’s website at https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/proposed-lead-and-copper-rule-improvements. The purpose of these revisions and improvements to the original lead and copper rule (1992), is to achieve a 100% lead service line replacement over the next 10 years, nationwide. This is a fantastic national goal, and we are doing our part to help.

The key things to know about the LCRR and LCRI for our community are listed below.

What is happening?

A Service Line Inventory is due to the EPA by October 16th 2024. This inventory is a record of all the drinking water service line material on both Hendersonville owned pipe and customer owned pipe. We are working hard to submit as accurate an inventory as possible!

How will this effect me?

The investigation process should be minimally impactful to you. If the City of Hendersonville discovers any service lines on the city side that needs to be replaced, we will contact you to make you aware of the work being scheduled. If the line that needs to be replaced is on the customer side, we will still contact you, and provide our recommendations for replacement options. The city is not responsible for maintaining or replacing customer owned service lines.Underground mapping of the Citys water line connecting to a meter box, connected to an indoor residential plumbing system

How does the inventory get completed?

We partnered with an engineering firm to determine areas of our system that are most likely to contain lead. Those areas are the places we are exposing sections of pipe to visually determine pipe material. Once this portion of the project is complete, we will take a  random representative sample of our distribution system to build even more confidence in our inventory report. As this work is completed, we will begin replacement on the city owned lines, if necessary. 

What will happen at customer water meters?

You may see Hendersonville Water and Sewer crews doing some light excavation around your water meter over the next few weeks to verify pipe material for our inventory. Hendersonville crews will be wearing high-visibility vests and driving Hendersonville Water & Sewer vehicles. So far, we have only identified galvanized iron service lines, and other non lead service line materials in these locations, but rest assured we will notify the customer directly if any lead service lines are located at their property.


What information is the City required to submit?

The state requires pipe material for both the City side and the customer side to be identified as either lead, non lead, galvanized iron requiring replacement, and unknown. Currently we have not identified any lead service lines, and are working on investigating our unknown pipe materials.

How can customers help?

If you know your service line (pipe) material, please fill out this survey form

Possible Pipe Materials: Lead, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Plastic

Elizabeth "Gracie" Erwin
Utilities Compliance Coordinator
(828) 697-3057
 Basic map graphic with a river and pins dropped at various unnamed loactions

Coming Soon! As the inventory progresses we will be posting an interactive map that will allow you to type in your address and show your service line material. Check back in the coming weeks to see the map currently in development by our GIS division.