I've Been Towed

I've Been Towed...Now What?

This page provides information information for people who have been towed/booted from a private parking lot in the City of Hendersonville.

The City of Hendersonville non-consensual towing ordinance went into effect November 1, 2023.


If you've been towed or booted while parked in a private parking lot, or received a "ticket" or "citation" while parked in a private parking lot:

1. Please be aware that the lot you parked on is not a City owned or operated lot. City owned and operated lots are clearly identified with the Downtown H logo. City owned and operated lots are shown on the City's Parking Map which can be viewed on the City's parking webpage.

2. If you received a “ticket” or “citation”, please be aware that this is not a City issued ticket or citation, and that collection and payment are between you and the parking lot owner and does not involve the City. Citations received from the City of Hendersonville can be paid via the City's parking portal.

3. If you’ve been towed or booted while parked on a private parking lot:

  • There should be a telephone number posted on the parking lot that you can call to retrieve you vehicle.
  • The call must be answered or the call must be returned within 15 minutes.
  • Your vehicle must be made available to you for retrieval within 30 minutes from the tower or booter’s answering or returning the call, but not more than 45 minutes from your call to them.
  • If not, report this to the Hendersonville Police Department at (828) 697-3025. The tower is supposed to report the tow to them, so they should know where your vehicle is being stored. It should be stored at a location within 15 miles from the point of tow.
  • If your car was booted, there should be a bright orange notice on the driver’s side window or on the windshield notifying you that a boot was placed on your vehicle.
  • The towing company/booting company must accept cash, debit, and 2 major credit card payment options.
  • Only fees posted on the parking lot for the towing, booting, or release may be charged by the towing or booting company.
  • Storage and fees are regulated by North Carolina state statutes and are likely going to be separate from the towing or booting fees, but the storage lot should also accept cash, debit and 2 major credit card payment options.
  • You should receive an itemized receipt from the tower showing all fees charged, the reason for the tow or boot, the name, address and phone number for the towing or booting company, and the name of the person operating the tow truck or placing the boot on your vehicle.
  • Each tow truck in service should have a Service Provider Permit issued by the Hendersonville Police Department.

4. If you don’t have the money to pay for the tow or boot removal at the time of tow or boot, the tower or booter must allow you to retrieve your personal belongings from the vehicle.

5. If you believe that you have been subject to any coercive or predatory practices, or if the lot you were towed from or the tow company didn’t comply with these requirements, you may report this to the Hendersonville Police Department at 630 Ashe Street in Hendersonville during regular office hours (Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM / closed on City holidays) or you may file a written complaint using the towing ordinance complaint form.

Towing Ordinance Complaint Form

For full details, view the City of Hendersonville Non-consensual Towing Ordinance.