Utility/ Customer Service Billing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Customer Service
**Customer Service Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday through Friday).**

What if I don't have my bill?

Call customer service to find out your billing total and they will be glad to provide you with the information needed to process the payment yourself.

How will my payment be confirmed?

If paying on-line you will receive an email confirmation number and if paying by phone you will be given a confirmation number.

Can I make an on-line payment if my water has been disconnected or is subject to be disconnected?

Call customer service to find out the amount you need to pay to restore or maintain your service. Additional late or disconnection charges may have been added to your account.

When will my payment post to my account?

Payments made via credit card or electronic check will be posted to your account on the next business day.

How can I manage my account on-line?

Customers can utilize the online payment portal to make one-time payments against any bill(s) listed to their account. To utilize the portal, please have available your account number and customer Identification number.

Where/how do I pay my water/sewer/garbage bill ?

In person or by mail: City Hall, 160 Sixth Ave. E., Hendersonville. Parking is available on corner of King Street and Sixth Avenue. Pay inside at the payment windows (cash or check only) on the ground floor or use the drop box in parking lot.

By phone –  (828) 697-3052 Option 1 for electronic check and debit or credit card – We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Online payments Visit the portal to make an online payment!

Why must I prove who I am if I am just paying a bill?

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, the Identity Protection Act of 2005, North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S.) 75-60 of the Identity Theft Protection Act, N.C.G.S. 14-113.20 Identity Theft, and N.C.G.S. 132-1.10 of the Public Records Act (together, the "Act"), the City is required to safeguard certain information of customers. Under this "Act", customer credit information including billing information, pay arrangements, and financial transactions are listed as confidential information and due to this law we will ask you for identifying information to make sure we are not giving any of your confidential information to the wrong person. If you have your bill with you, we do not need to ask you any identifying questions. If we do not have any identifying information set up in our system, you will be asked to show identification and asked if you would like to set up a password to access your account with us.

How do I get my water service started, disconnected, or transferred?

Online-Click here to start or transfer service and here to disconnect service

Call-You may contact Customer Service at (828) 697-3052 if you need assistance with the application process.

In Person-At City Hall (160 6th Avenue East, Hendersonville, NC 28792). Please proceed to the 1st Floor where Customer Service is located.

If I have a leak will I get an adjustment on my bill and if so, how much?

Customers are eligible for a leak adjustment once every 36 months. When the repair is complete, simply fill out a request online here and submit for approval. Leak adjustments must be requested within 45 after the repair has been completed. The abnormal water consumption must be one and a half times the normal average consumption of the customer. Once your consumption is back down in your normal range, your adjustment will be calculated and appear as an adjustment on the next bill. The adjustment process may take up to 3 months before the adjustment is processed on your account. During the leak process it is required that the average normal bill amount be paid each month. Please visit our leak adjustments page for more information. 

Is it really a crime to tamper/damage/bypass my meter?

YES. NCGS §14-151 makes it unlawful for any unauthorized person to alter, tamper with, or bypass a water meter that has been installed for the purpose of measuring and registering the amount of water consumed. The statute prohibits unauthorized persons from reconnecting water or otherwise turning back on water services when it has been lawfully disconnected or turned off by the provider of utility services. Proof of who did the actual tampering is not necessary to prosecute the property owner or water customer (tenant). A first violation is a misdemeanor; however a second or subsequent violation is a Class H felony.  Alternately, should the City elect to pursue a violator civilly, the violator can be ordered to pay triple the amount of losses or damages sustained by the City, or $5,000, whichever is greater. 

Where do I call if I have questions about my City tax bill?

Beginning July 1, 2019, Henderson County will bill and collect property taxes for the City of Hendersonville. Tax bills will include both Henderson County taxes and the City of Hendersonville tax on one combined bill.

If you have questions concerning your 2019 through current tax bill contact Henderson County Tax Office-(828) 697-5595.

For prior to 2019 City of Hendersonville tax bill questions, please contact Customer Service-(828) 697-3052.

Where do I call if I have questions about my water/sewer/garbage bill?

Customer Service – (828) 697-3052

What is a Stormwater Fee?

The stormwater fee used to be called an "ESF Base Charge", which you might have seen on your bill. It is $5 per month for all water customers inside the City and its ETJ. This fee provides various environmental and property services that are required by the federal government.