Parking Fees & Enforcement

Parking Enforcement is overseen by the Hendersonville Police Department. Our Parking Services Team are excellent ambassadors for the City and available to assist you.


Parking citations may be paid online using the City’s online portal. Requests for parking citation review may also be submitted on the online portal.

Pay parking citation on the online portal

If you are unable to pay your parking citation online, you may pay in-person at the City’s Customer Service window any Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (except City Holidays.) The payment window is located in City Hall at 160 6th Avenue East.

Customer Service staff are not able to process requests for citation review. Please use the online portal for all requests for citation review.

Parking Enforcement Fees

Parking Fee Schedule

Parking Citations Summary - View the Fee Schedule for more detailed information

Parking in a Handicapped Space$250.00
Blocking a Fire Lane$100.00
Blocking a Fire Hydrant$100.00
Overtime / Expired Meter$25.00
Loading Zone / 15-minute Violation$25.00
Blocking a Crosswalk$25.00
All Other Parking Violations$25.00
Penalty after 30 days additional


Penalty after 60 days additional


Habitual Offender (3 or more tickets in 30 days)


For details on parking citations refer to Chapter 50 in the City of Hendersonville's Code of Ordinances.

Avoid a Parking Citation 

Parking Services Staff want you to avoid parking citations. Follow these tips to avoid being ticketed:

  • No backing into spaces
  • Always check in on the ParkMobile app or kiosk (even if you only plan to park for a few minutes)
  • Do not exceed the amount of free time or time you pay for; Extend time on the ParkMobile app or kiosk if you plan to stay longer
  • Select the correct zone that you are parking in
  • Enter your tag information correctly
  • Do not park in prohibited zones or no-parking zones
  • Loading zones are for active loading and unloading and are only meant for 15 minutes
  • If parking in a handicapped space, check in on the app or kiosk and ensure the disability placard is displayed and visible
  • Do not take up more than one space when parking – keep it in the lines!
  • No parking facing oncoming traffic
  • Avoid staying parked in a space beyond the time you pay for or beyond the free window (you can add time on the ParkMobile app and via kiosk)
  • When parking in the deck, you must have your ticket with you upon leaving or you will be subject to the lost ticket fee
  • For parking permits – ‘duplicate parking’ is not allowed (multiple cars listed on a parking permit cannot use permit spaces at the same time

During some downtown events, cones will be set out in the evening or morning before making the community aware when parking will not be allowed. ParkMobile will also alert when parkers are buying time. Vehicles who do not follow event parking signage are subject to citation and/or towing.

For additional information refer Chapter 50 in the City of Hendersonville Code of Ordinances.

Parking Pro Tips

Download the ParkMobile app!

If you do not have your tag number memorized, take a photo for when you are paying at the kiosk

If you are paying by kiosk, set a reminder on your phone to keep up with your time; better yet, use the ParkMobile app and you can receive alerts when your time is almost up and extend time from your phone

Ensure you select the correct vehicle in your ParkMobile app and keep your tag information up to date

Keep your receipt from the kiosk or place in on the dashboard of the vehicle

Always lock your vehicle doors and keep valuables out of sight 

Parking Code of Ordinances

City of Hendersonville
Parking Enforcement

Office hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Hendersonville Police Department
630 Ashe Street

Kristen Narron
Parking Services Supervisor
(828) 697-3050

police badge and text to hide your things and lock your car