Water and Sewer Extensions

Extension projects are performed in accordance with the City’s Utility Extension Policy and primarily consist of privately-funded development projects where water and/or sewer installations are performed by the developer’s utility contractor under City of Hendersonville inspection. After successful installation, the City assumes ownership, operation and maintenance of the water and/or sewer infrastructure.

Extension Process Overview

  1. Availability Review
  2. Plan Review
  3. Pre-Construction
  4. Construction
  5. Close-Out

Water and Sewer Extension Process Flow Chart

Review and Inspection Fees

Engineering Review fees shall be paid when the plans are submitted for City review in accordance with the current Fee Schedule in effect at time of plan submission.

Inspection fees are based on the linear footage of water and/or sewer infrastructure in the approved construction plans and listed in the UEA in accordance with the current Fee Schedule in effect at the date of UEA execution. Inspection fees are to be paid prior to activation and acceptance of infrastructure by the City.

To Schedule...

  • a utility extension virtual pre-construction meeting, please complete this online request.
  • a utility extension construction inspection, verification, or sampling appointment, please complete this online request