Tow Companies

Information for towing companies who tow/boot vehicles in the City of Hendersonville.

The City of Hendersonville non-consensual towing ordinance went into effect November 1, 2023.

Towing Service Requirement Summary (For full details, view the City of Hendersonville Non-consensual Towing Ordinance.)

All tow truck companies towing cars from private parking lots are required to register with the Hendersonville Police Department, and keep on file and current with the Hendersonville Police Department located at 630 Ashe Street with the following information:

  1. Their business address.
  2. The name and contact number for their primary manager, operator or supervisor.
  3. The make, model and tag number of each tow truck in service. Each tow truck in service should have a Service Provider Permit issued by the Hendersonville Police Department.

  4. A certificate of insurance.
  5. The address of their tow storage lot.
  6. Their fee schedule for towing, booting, releasing the vehicle if different, and all other fees and charges that you would be subject to if your vehicle is towed from a private parking lot.

The phone number for the Hendersonville Police Department is (828) 697-3025. They are located at 630 Ashe Street in Hendersonville.

Towing & Booting Registration Form

Return the completed registration form to the Hendersonville Police Department or email the completed form to Captain Hipps.

For full details, please refer to the the City of Hendersonville Non-consensual Towing Ordinance.