Election Information

Regular municipal elections are held biyearly on the date provided by law. In each election year, the qualified voters of the City elect Council Members and the Mayor for terms as provided.

Elections are nonpartisan. All elections for Mayor and City Council Members are nonpartisan, and nothing on the ballot in any election is indicative of the source of the candidacy or of the support of the candidate, and determination of the election results is in conformance with determination of the election results as set out in North Carolina General Statute 163-279.

Voting. Staggered terms for Council members began with the elections held in 1997. Since 1999, elections have been held every two years and all vacated council seats are filled for a term of four years. The mayor is elected every four years for a term of four years.

Regulation of elections. All municipal elections are conducted in accordance with the general laws of North Carolina relating to municipal elections, except as otherwise provided.

The Henderson County Board of Elections conducts the City elections. If you need more information, please contact them at (828) 697-4970.