Most Requested Information

To get a copy of a police report or accident report:


Public records requests are governed by the rules in Chapter 132 of the North Carolina General Statutes. All public records requests must pertain to records prepared, collected and/or maintained by the Hendersonville Police Department – not by other county agencies or departments.

After your request has been submitted, you may be contacted by a representative from the Hendersonville Police Department if clarifying information is needed. The representative will contact you once the records request process has been completed.
**** IMPORTANT ****

NC General Statute regarding Records can be found by visiting the website below:

  • Records compiled by public law enforcement agencies: NC GS 132-1.4
  • Please also note that Law Enforcement Recordings are governed separately by NCGS 132-1.4A, and are subject to release to the public only by court order, as provided for in Subsections (f) and (g). 

To request a copy of a police report or accident report:

1) Call (828) 697-3036 to request a copy be mailed to you.
2) In person, at the records window, located at 630 Ashe Street -- Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
3) Send an e-mail request to with the case number or date, time, and location of the accident or incident report. 
4) Accident Reports may also be obtained online at LexisNexis.


Inventory Your Valuables

Now you can store information on your valuables online, with ReportIt.

ReportIt is a free, secure online service allowing citizens to record serial numbers and upload images for phones, electronics, and other valuables. Should those items ever be stolen, having the information will go a long way in accurately and quickly identifying your property.

The ReportIt service is a part of LeadsOnline, the online system that works with police across the country to track and recover stolen property. The Hendersonville Police Department uses LeadsOnline to help track and recover stolen property ---- everything from jewelry to sporting equipment to electronics, computers, cameras, designer clothing, collectibles, and other items with invaluable personal worth.

The system allows detectives to search for the items using a variety of parameters, including item descriptions and serial numbers. When an item is sold to a pawn or secondhand shop, the product information is entered in the LeadsOnline database and is immediately viewable by participating law enforcement agencies across the country.

Hendersonville PD has used LeadsOnline since 2008 and has reported many successes using the system. Using LeadsOnline, police have recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property for the City of Hendersonville and surrounding residents. Other recovered items have included valuable jewelry, cameras, construction equipment, iPods, tools, computers and GPS units. With information provided by LeadsOnline, police track down thieves, develop leads in numerous cases and make arrests.

To register and start using ReportIt:


Bicycle & Moped Registration

Enter your Bicycle or Moped Information into our database. If your bicycle or moped is found abandoned this database will enable us to quickly reunite you and your property. It will also serve as a repository for your information should ever your bicycle or moped be stolen. You may also call our department at (828) 697-3025.



Our department provides ink fingerprinting services every Wednesday morning from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, with no prior appointment needed. It's important to note that we do not offer fingerprinting for immigration purposes; such services must be obtained through an immigration office.

There is a fee of $10 for this service, payable by CARD ONLY at the Police Department. Alternatively, you can pay $10 in CASH at City Hall and bring the receipt with you. When coming for fingerprinting, ensure you have a government-issued photo ID showing your current address. If the address on your ID is not up-to-date, you will need to provide proof of residency, such as a power or water bill with your name and address.

For any inquiries about our fingerprinting services, please call us at 828-697-3050. Additionally, the Henderson County Sheriff's Department offers electronic fingerprinting by appointment on different days. For more details on their services, they can be contacted at 828-697-4911.


Evidence & Property

Our evidence room is available for you to pick up stolen items from your case or to retrieve seized goods. Call 697-3042 to make an appointment to pick up evidence.


Reassurance Program

The Reassurance Program is designed for city residents to check in daily with our communications center to verify their well-being. Residents call into dispatch each day by 11:00 am to check in. If no call is received and telecommunicators are unable to reach the resident by phone, a patrol unit will be dispatched. 

Sign up for the Reassurance Program


Child Identification

We offer child identification packets that will include your child's name, identifiers, fingerprints, and picture.

We often hold clinics at local businesses or during events such as National Night Out or Kindergarten Readiness Rally.

For more information on an upcoming Child ID session, call 828-697-3050.


Security Assessments

Not sure if your home or business is as safe as it could be against burglars and other crimes?

Call 697-3025 to set up an appointment for an officer or detective to come to your location to do a free security assessment.


Medication Disposal

The Hendersonville Police Department offers a medication disposal box for the public to safely dispose of unwanted, expired and unused medications. We can only dispose of pills. Chemo pills are not accepted and must be taken to a pharmacy or hospital for disposal. 

Available during business hours, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.