Hydrant Replacement Program

The City of Hendersonville conducts a program to upgrade, maintain and replace hydrants throughout its water system. The recent focus has been on replacing older hydrants, some between 70 to 100 years old, with the majority of them located inside the city limits. Most often the older hydrants are red in color, include only two nozzles and have no valve to isolate the hydrant from the water system. Hendersonville Water and Sewer personnel plan to repair or replace more than sixty hydrants over the next two years, including the addition of isolation valves, for those that currently have none. There are currently two 2-person valve and hydrant crews supervised by a crew leader who lead the replacement and maintenance program.

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When a hydrant is being flushed or replaced, water customers in the immediate vicinity may experience pressure fluctuations, water discoloration, loss of water service, and may be placed under a boil water advisory depending on the circumstances. Boil water advisories are issued in response to an event that could allow contaminants to enter the water system. Water samples are collected and tested to ensure the water is safe to drink before the advisory is lifted.

It is important customers keep their contact information up to date so they can be notified when there is a disruption in water service or a boil water advisory issued for their area. Hendersonville Water & Sewer customers can visit the Customer Self Service portal to view and manage bills as well as update their contact information. Account holders can also update their information via online form call Customer Service at (828) 697-3052.

Ideally, the valve and hydrant maintenance crew's goal would be to tackle one hydrant a week, but the schedule must remain fluid to accommodate for inclement weather. Also, during unforeseen water main breaks, the hydrant crews are often pulled in to assist with emergency repair operations which have the potential to delay the hydrant replacement schedule.

Hydrant crew
Members of the City's Valve & Hydrant Crew

It is important for customers to keep their contact information up to date in order for Hendersonville Water & Sewer to make notifications about water disruptions and boil water advisories.

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The account holder will be the only person eligible to make changes.

Replacement and maintenance schedules are subject to change based on weather and emergency repair operations.