City Hall and City Operations Construction Updates

The City of Hendersonville has renovations projects underway at both City Hall (160 6th Avenue East) and City Operations (305 Williams Street). Construction will be occurring at various stages between June 2023 - May 2024. During this time some services and meetings will be moved to accommodate the construction schedule and impacts.

Announcements & Updates

  • Due to construction, the Customer Service payment window has been relocated to the 3rd floor of City Hall. The main entry way is closed and customers are being directed with signs to enter City Hall via the northeast entrance.
  • Due to construction, we recommend the public to visit Hendersonville's public restrooms located at 125 5th Avenue West directly across from the parking deck.
  • Please check the website calendar to see which location specific public meetings will be taking place during the construction.

Project Overview 

City Hall Renovations: Renovations will allow all of customer service and finance to combine onto the first-floor level filling space that was vacated by the police department. Previously Finance and Customer Service staff were split between the first and third floors; offering all their department services will allow for a more streamlined, efficient and customer-friendly experience. The third floor will eventually be renovated to accommodate Community Development and Communications offices in a future phase.


City Operations Renovations: The mezzanine area previously used for storage will be converted to IT and general operations offices with room for department growth. The existing office space used by Engineering/Stormwater/GIS will be converted to a new layout and the old police department evidence area will be converted into additional offices. Restrooms will be improved and expanded on the second floor with new flooring throughout the building.