Construction & Inspection Division


Purpose & Mission
The mission of the Construction & Inspections Division is to assure the health and safety of everyone who use and depend on the various infrastructures provided by the City's Utilities and Public Works departments by the consistent and thorough enforcement of various City ordinances, standards, and codes, as adopted by the State of North Carolina, as well as the City of Hendersonville Zoning Ordinance, the AWWA, North Carolina Public Water Supply, and other regulations that the City of Hendersonville adopts.

 The responsibilities of the Division of Construction & Inspections include:

 -      Construction code enforcement;

-       Ensure compliance with ADA standards where applicable;

-       Observation of utility construction on both private development and City owned projects;

-       Documentation of activities related to utility, sidewalk, roadway, and stormwater construction;

-       Notification of appropriate Departments of related issues when necessary.


Please contact us by emailing Christopher Conard at with any concerns, questions, or comments regarding ongoing construction projects.  Please include as much detail as possible regarding location, contractors, or development name.

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