Fee Schedule


General - Zoning Compliance

     Zoning Verification Letter$50.00
     Zoning Compliance Permit$50.00
     Temporary Use Permit$60.00
     Floodplain Development Permit$300.00
     Demolition Admin Fee $100.00
     Non-Conforming Use Alteration Request (BOA Review)$100.00
     Variance Request (BOA Review)$75.00
Telecommunications Towers, Antennas and Equipment
      Basic Permit (C-3, I-1)$450.00
      Special Use Permit1$2,500.00
      Small Wireless Facilities (first 5 facilities)$100.00 each
      Additional small wireless facilities on the same application$50.00 each

General - Copy & Scan Charges (per page)

     Black $0.15
     Color $0.25
     Black or Color Scan$0.10
     Large Format Copy  $10.00
     Large Format Scan$5.00
     Zoning Map Copy$5.00
     Future Land Use Map Copy$5.00

General - Code Enforcement

     Nuisance Fee (Admin. Cost Doubles for each Offense within a Year)Cost + $100.00 Admin. Cost

Encroachment Permit

     Outdoor Dining Fee (Annual)$0.50 per Sq. Ft.
     Demolition Admin Fee $100.00

Sign Permits

     Sign Compliance Permit$75.00

Rezoning Requests

     Zoning Map Amendment (Standard Rezoning)
        Commercial or Industrial$275.00
        Residential < 3 acres$175.00
        Residential > 3 acres$225.00
     Zoning Map Amendment (Conditional Rezoning)
        Conditional Rezoning - Legislative Process$100 per acre, $500 minimum
        Final DRC Review$500.00
     Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Text Amendments$175.00

Site Plan Reviews

     Commercial, Industrial or Institutional
        5,000 - 19,999 square feet in floor area$300.00
        20,000 - 50,000 square feet in floor area$450.00
     Residential Developments
        3 - 10 dwellings$300.00
        11 - 50 dwellings$450.00
     Special Use Permit$200.00
     Traffic Impact Analysis Study (Administrative Review)$1,000.00

Plat Review 

     Subdivision Plats$20.00 per lot
     Street Closing Petition ($1,000 deposit) & Plat Review$1,000.00
     Annexation Petition & Plat Review
Note 1: Applicable only to applications required to meet the additional standards contained in Section 16-4-23.4. 
Fees for towers proposed for siting in PCD or PID district are included in the fee for conditional use review.