Adopt A Street

The Adopt-A-Street program is an environmental program of the City of Hendersonville Public Works Department.

The program enables citizen groups, businesses, and non-profit groups to adopt, under an annual agreement an area of city-maintained roadway for the purpose of litter removal.

Adopt A Street Brochure

Citizen, Non-Profit, and Business Group Agreement

Monthly removal of roadside litter and proper disposal (groups are encouraged to seek partnerships with area business owners. Some business owners are willing to help groups by giving permission to use their privately-funded dumpsters to allow small deposits of bagged, collected litter);

Reporting monthly participation and collection results to the City of Hendersonville (date of each cleanup, total number of volunteers, total number of hours, and total number of bags collected);

Reporting Options:

  1. Telephone 697-3084 (voice mail available)
  2. Fax to 697-3089
  3. E-mail: (please reference "Adopt-A-Street" on e-mail subject line)
  4. Online Cleanup Reporting: submit your clean up activity and volunteer hours using this Report your Clean Up Activity and Volunteer Hours Form.


Ideal Adopted Street

Where possible, a mixture of commercial and residential property, and/or all residential property which is approximately one mile in length or the full length of a street or several streets combined.


Program Supplies for the Year

Two roadway signs recognizing your organization

Orange trash bags, Orange safety vests, Disposable gloves and Grabbers.


Additional Services Available Upon Request

Installation presentation for roadway signs

Media and Council Member notification



*Cost Waived for Non-Profit Groups


*$300 Initial Fee

*Annual Renewal Fee $50

Adopt A Street Program Information

Adopt A Street Application

Supply Request Form