H.P.D. Bureaus

There are three bureaus, Patrol Services, Criminal Investigations, and Support Services.  Each bureau is supervised by a Captain.  The Captains are:


picture of Captain Rich Olsen               Captain Dale Patton               picture of Kenny Hipps

 Captain Rich Olsen                  Captain Dale Patton                Captain Kenny Hipps
      Patrol Services                   Criminal Investigations              Support Services



Patrol Services:

Patrol services consists of uniformed officers assigned to patrol teams, housing, animal control, and as school resource officers.  There are 38 sworn officers assigned to the Patrol Services Bureau.


Criminal Investigations:

Criminal Investigations consists of detectives.  The detectives investigate assaults, property crimes, frauds, illegal drugs, and other crimes.  There are 7 sworn officers and 1 civilian assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau.


Support Services:

Support Services consists of records technicians and police dispatchers.  The bureau is also responsible for budgeting, purchasing, and equipment.  There are 9 civilians and 1 sworn officer assigned to the Support Services Bureau.