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630 Ashe Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792

828-697-3025 Police Dispatch (24 hours)

828-697-3036 Police Records

828-697-3025 Patrol Bureau

828-697-3050 Parking Enforcement

828-697-3025 Investigations Bureau

828-697-3031 Administration Bureau

828-697-3000 General City Business (Non-Police related)

Name Job Title Phone
Allman, Colby Police Detective II (828) 697-3025
Alvarez, George Parking Services Ambassador
Baird, Robert Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Barker, Alexis Civilian Animal Control (828) 697-3025
Bonanno, Alan Investigations Lieutenant (828) 697-3041
Bradley, Elijah Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Burcham, Wanda Reserve Police Telecommunicator (828) 697-3025
Cantwell, Robert Police Lieutenant (828) 697-3025
Capps, Sam Police Officer (828) 697-3025
Capps, Matthew Police Lieutenant (828) 697-3025
Childress, Zeffrey Police Detective II (828) 697-3071
Cruz, Anthony Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Darrah, Bruce Police Lieutenant (828) 697-3025
Dickman, Zack Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Dinnall, Joreeca Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Drake , Jennifer Police Officer IV (828) 697-3025
Durner, Malinda Reserve Police Officer (828) 697-3025
Easton, Lance Police Detective II (828) 697-3025
Garcia, Walter Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Gibbs, Tiffany Police Telecommunicator III (828) 697-3025
Gunnin, Andrew Police Officer III (828) 697-3025
Gyurina, Kyle Police Sergeant (828) 697-3025
Hall, Rachel Police Telecommunicator II (828) 697-3025
Haman, Brandon Police Officer III (828) 697-3025
Hartline, Laura Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Hipps, Kenneth Police Captain (828) 697-3025
Holbrook, Sylina Police Support Specialist (828) 697-3035
Howard, Monica Police Administrative Assistant III (828) 697-3051
Ingram, Katherine Evidence Technician (828) 697-3042
Justus, Melissa Administrative Assistant III (828) 697-3031
Kleppe, Amber Telecommunications Supervisor (828) 697-3030
LaRowe, Eric Police Detective II (828) 697-3058
Laws, Trae Police Captain (828) 697-3025
LeDoux, Lance Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Leech, Sean Patrick Police Telecommunicator I (828) 697-3025
Lockhart, Alicia Police Sergeant (828) 697-3025
Massey, Andre Reserve Police Officer (828 ) 697-3025
McCraw, Landon Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Morrison, Lisa Part-time Police Operations Specialist (828) 697-3034
Murray, Cassie Police Telecommunicator I (828) 697-3025
Myhand, Blair Police Chief (828) 697-3031
Narron, Kristen Parking Services Supervisor (828) 697-3050
Nix, Kyle Police Officer III (828 ) 697-3025
Nix, Nancy Police Telecommunicator III (828) 697-3025
Olsen, Rich Police Captain (828) 697-3045
Paparozzi, Michael Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Patterson, Diamond Police Officer II 828-697-3025
Phipps, Stanley Reserve Investigations Assistant (828) 697-3025
Police Department, City of Hendersonville (828) 697-3025
Putnam, Austin Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Reynolds, Thomas Police Sergeant (828) 697-3025
Rezentes, Lindsey Police Telecommunicator I (828) 697-3025
Services, Parking (828) 697-3050
Shultis, Kalani Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Smith, Jacob Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Smith, Nathan Police Lieutenant (828) 697-3025
Swain, Michele Police Sergeant (828) 697-3025
Swain, Angela Police Support Specialist (828) 697-3036
Thompson, Haley Police Officer (828) 697-3025
Tinoco, Marianna Police Officer (828) 697-3025
Trejo, Kelby Police Officer I (828) 697-3025
Vance, Marcus Police Officer II (828) 697-3025
Wing, Jonathan Police Sergeant (828) 697-3025
Young, Isiah Police Officer II (828) 697-3025

Commendation or Complaint?

If you have a police officer or staff member to recognize, let us know. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve, let us know that too!

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Reassurance Program

The Reassurance Program is designed for city residents to check in daily with our communications center to verify their well-being. Residents call into dispatch each day by 11:00 am to check in. If no call is received and telecommunicators are unable to reach the resident by phone, a patrol unit will be dispatched. 

Sign up for the Reassurance Program

Connect with us!

The public can submit crime tips, share security footage and photos, and receive important safety information by downloading the following apps:

police vehicle in snowy landscape

Download the Hendersonville Police Department App in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store by searching “Hendersonville PD.” The public can receive news and alerts, submit tips, request extra patrols, and much more. 

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The Hendersonville Police Department has joined Neighbors in our efforts to connect with residents and improve the safety of our communities. Neighbors allows the public to share photos, videos, and information related to local crime and safety incidents so fellow residents can stay informed. You do not need a Ring device to join Neighbors. Anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors App for free in order to receive updates and have the option to post photos or videos from any device.