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Thinking globally and acting locally, Bee City USA provides a framework for communities to work together to conserve native pollinators by increasing the abundance of native plants, providing nest sites, and reducing the use of pesticides. On May 7, 2015, Hendersonville passed a resolution to become a Bee City USA affiliate, making the City the 7th Bee City USA in the Nation. Mayor Barbara Volk said, “Hendersonville’s City Council let it be known that we understand the importance of pollinators, and therefore want to make the town more pollinator-friendly. We are grateful to our Tree Board and the Environmental Sustainability Board for bringing the opportunity to our attention.”  Founder and executive director of Bee City USA Phyllis Stiles added, “Of the cities that have applied to date, Hendersonville’s process was the most intentional and inclusive. You are truly a model for other cities to follow.” The City's Tree Board currently serves as the designated committee for the Bee City USA program. Please view our Annual reports and Bee City USA Hendersonville Resolution for further information.

To learn more about City projects and policies pertaining to pollinator habitat and sustainability, click here.

Bee City USA Affiliate Spotlight - Hendersonville, NC

Bee City USA - Hendersonville Programs & Resources

Pollinator Trail 

Plan your own pollinator-friendly adventure! This ongoing self-guided trail is your guide to eco-friendly gardens, green spaces, farms, and other local destinations that highlight the importance of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

View the full Pollinator Trail as well as a condensed Pollinator Trail guide to explore locations within the City HERE.

Adopt-A-Pollinator Bed

Be part of our Bee City USA program and join the millions of people taking initiative to increase pollinator conservation. Our City parks need your help!

Pollinator Exploration Kit
(available for loan)

Calling all educators, Bee City USA - Hendersonville is eager to help you share the wonder of pollinators with children you teach. Whether exploring your own backyard, schoolyard, or a local park, you'll find many helpful tools in our Pollinator Exploration Kit. To reserve, please email

The kit includes: An insect net, pop-up insect habitat, Jeweler Loupe, Pop-up Insect Habitat, 6X Magnification Handheld Magnifying Glasses, Break-away lanyards (to attach to magnifying glasses) , Insect Catcher, small and large magnifying insect box, Aluminum Sensory Tuning Forks, tuning fork, refractometer, Life Cycle of a Honey Bee and butterfly Model Sets, Bees & Other Pollinators, NC Butterflies & Moths, NC Trees & Wildflowers Folding Pocket Guides, Bee Observer Cards, Bee All-Stars Cards, Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle cards, Monarch Life Cycle Poster, Monarch Migration Map Poster, and Antennae Poster.

Native Plant Species List, Suppliers, and Landscapers

Interested in planting a pollinator garden? Check out our Native Species List and regional and local suppliers of native plants. For a list of local Landscape Architects, Landscapers, Garden Contractors, click HERE.

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Earth Day with Hendo Earth Fest!

April 20th, 2024
9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

The purpose of the Hendo Earth Fest is to promote community education for all ages on environmental and sustainable practices, inspire action, and renew and expand commitments to protect our planet. Local and regional environmental allies focus on participation/hands-on activities and demonstrations designed to educate, renew and expand action to protect our Western North Carolina environment and natural resources. There will be a wide range of vendors educating on topics such as pollinators, composting, sustainable land management practices, water conservation, ocean education, renewable energy and more! Stay tuned for further details on vendors and more.

Pollinator Sites

NEW! Four Seasons Boulevard Pollinator site

In 2023, the Tree Board sponsored the installation of a 1/4 acre pollinator site on Four Seasons Boulevard. The site contains flowering shrubs, grasses, and colorful perennial flowers. 

Oklawaha Pollinator Site

The Oklawaha Greenway Pollinator Site sits along 3.5 miles of the fully paved Oklawaha Greenway which winds through wetlands, meadows, and forests to connect four parks and is easily accessible from five convenient parking areas. Currently, the pollinator site is under construction with sunflowers and milkweed being planted for the 2023 summer season.

Note: The City's Bee City USA program is looking for volunteers to help with this effort! If interested, please contact Caitlyn Gendusa. 

Downtown Bee Mural Demonstration Garden Beds

These beds are located at the Azalea Parking Lot facing Third Ave. E. between N. Main Street and King Street. The gardens are planted and maintained by the Tree Board as part of Hendersonville’s Bee City USA program and serve as examples of pollinator-friendly landscaping that can be replicated at home. The gardens also include plant labels, and educational signage.

Bearcat Loop Tree & Pollinator Plantings

Hendersonville’s Tree Board has planted over 80 trees and established 7 raised beds along Bearcat Loop. Among these plantings you’ll find pawpaw, sourwood, and Carolina silverbell as well as perennial favorites including milkweed, mountain mint, goldenrod, cardinal flower, black-eyed susan, joe-pye weed and more.

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City Operations Center
305 Williams St.
Hendersonville, NC 28792

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For questions on Bee City programs contact:

Caitlyn Gendusa
Public Works Superintendent - Sustainability
(828) 697-7074

For questions on the Native Plant Species List contact:

Mark Stierwalt
Public Works Superintendent Building, Property and Cemetery Division
(828) 697-3084