Vendor Roster

Our 2023 Vendor Roster

Our vendors are the heart of Hendersonville Farmers Market. They work long hours and come week after week to offer the freshest produce, meats, cheeses, and artisanal items in the area. They also provide stories, smiles, and human interaction that separates farmers markets from every day grocery stores. Not all vendors will be at market each week - see the "Key" below and note that weekly Vendor Lists will be posted every Friday during the market season on our Facebook and Instagram page as well as sent out via our e-newsletter. 


FS = Full Season Vendor, meaning you will see them in the same spot almost every single Saturday

LS = Limited Season Vendor, meaning you will see them every-so-often in a similar spot

DV = Day Vendor, meaning you will see them on occasion

YE= Young Entrepreneur


Farmers & Growers 

Barry Farms (FS) - plants, herbs, succulents, eggs

Bee-utiful Farm and Garden (FS) - plants, produce, eggs, flowers, honey

Black Dog Flowers (FS) -  cut flowers, artisan crafts

Bright Branch Farms (FS) - fruits, vegetables, apple cider, slushies

Broom’s Blooms (FS) - vegetables, fruits, plants, cut flowers

Crow Holler Produce (FS) - vegetables, fruits, plants

Fair Hollow Garden (LS) - plants, vegetables, berries, flowers

Fruitland Farmstead (LS) - vegetables, flowers, eggs, whole chicken

Garden of Griffin (FS) - vegetables, animal products

GourMays Mushroom Farm (LS) - mushrooms

Grateful Bed Farm (FS) - microgreens, plants, veggies, eggs

Gray Family Farmstead (FS) - eggs, meat, produce, flowers , chicken, duck, quail eggs and meat, maybe goose meat for holidays

Honeybee Bliss (FS) - honey, soap, lotion bars, wax wraps, candles

House of Brandstracts ( LS) - Plant Based Products 

Lanning Road Farms (LS) - Veggies 

Laurel Creek Plant Farm (DV) - Veggies, Chicks 

Milkweed Meadows Farm (DV) - Plants, Cut Flowers, and Fruit 

Morgan Farm (LS) - vegetables, hemp products

Newman Farm (LS) - Vegetables 

Popp’s Posies at The Popp Shoppe (LS) - flowers, plants, crafts, baked goods

Pressley Farm (LS) - fruits and vegetables

Saluda Grade Farm (FS) - vegetables

Stump Farms (FS)- Veggies 

Sumner Farms(LS) - Veggies, Flowers 

Sylvia’s Succulents, Cacti and Plants (FS) - succulents, cacti, plants

Teacher's Farm (FS) - Veggies and Flowers 

Tierra Fertil Coop (DV) - Veggies, Herbs, and Ornamental plants 

Tiny Bridge Farm (FS) - produce, honey, eggs, sourdough bread

Violet Aurora Farm (FS) - leafy greens, microgreens, herbal products

Wicked Fresh Gardens(LS)- Veggies 

Wild Goods(DV)- Foraged Goods 


Prepared Food/Drink Vendors 

Asheville Tea Company (DV) -Teas 

Asheville Pretzel Co (FS) -  locally made pretzel snacks

Aw Shucks Popcorn (LS)- Variety of Gourmet Popcorn

Boom Boom Kettle Corn (LS) - kettle corn, lemonade

Conjure Craft Chocolate (FS) - Bean to Bar Chocolates, and Chocolate items 

Chef Squared Co. (FS) - spices, dressings, donut cart

Deena’s Bakery (FS) - scones, bars, cookies, and more

Homemade Pasta Noodles (FS) - pasta, tomato sauce, occasionally Italian pasta noodle crackers

Mimi's Mountain Mixes (LS) - baking mixes, rub, dip and soup mixes, gift sets

Pullman Bread (FS) - assorted breads and sweet baked goods

Raspberry Fields (FS) - raspberries, raspberry vinaigrette, raspberry shrub drink, raspberry inspired breads, muffins and other baked goods

Sea of Sweets Bakery (LS) - cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, donuts

Serotonin Ferments (LS) - sauerkrauts, kimchi, veggie pickles, hot sauces, brine

Shanti Elixirs (LS) - Jun probiotic green tea made with raw honey, fermentation kits

Sharewell Coffee Co. (FS) - hot and chilled flavored coffee drinks, chai, locally roasted coffee beans

Spinning Spider Creamery (FS) - goat cheese and bath/body products

Sophia’s Boutique (LS) - tamales, fruit juice

Sweet Brine’d (LS) - kimchi, slaw, sauerkraut, dill pickles

Trout66(FS) - Fish 

Up All Night (FS) - Hot Sauces, Peppers 

Bretzel Bus by Underground Baking Co. (FS) - bretzels

Young’s Backyard BBQ (DV) - BBQ sauce

Crossovers: The AppaLatin Farmstead, Popp’s Posies at The Popp Shoppe 


Arts, Crafts and Non-Food Vendors (a maximum of 5 craft vendors will be at any one market)

Anna's Attic (DV) - décor, garden accessories

Best Friends Creations (DV) - soaps, candles

Bud and Bloom Farm (DV) - Bath salts, Pet Oils, Bath Bombs 

Butterfly Flight (LS) - costumes, jewelry

Double Cross Crochet (LS) - Crocheted Apparel

Dragon Metal Studios (DV) - jewelry, gemstones, glass and metal yard art 

Eli Tomalka Woodworks (DV) - woodworking, cutting boards

GlimmerBee Creations (LS) - 

Handwoven Baskets by Michael Blake (LS) - handwoven baskets

Happy Toad Pottery (LS) - pottery, jewelry

Iris' Folk Medicinal and Doula Services llc. (LS) - Apothecary 

JCS Pottery (LS) - hand-built pottery

Kimmet's Krafts (DV) - textiles

Mother Hubbard Crafts (LS) - handmade fabric items or crafts, hand turned wooden pens, cross stitched items

Mountain Barkery (FS) - dog treats and snacks

Options 1111 (LS) - beaded jewelry

Out of the Drawer Quilts (DV) - textile bags, dish cloths

Paper Clutz Co. (LS) - greeting cards, giftables, stationary, paper goods

Parish Members of St. Anthony The Great (DV) - live painting, ceramics, apothecary

Robinson Ex-Files Knifes (LS) - Cutlery and Kitchen utensils 

Sage and Spirit Design (LS) - jewelry, garden art

Sister Soaps (LS) - deodorant, chapstick, essential oils roller bottles, soap, vanilla, eggs

Sophia’s Boutique (LS) - wool Mexican textiles, tamales and fruit juices

Studio David M (DV) - wood working

Two Chicks Pottery (LS) - ceramics/pottery

Whimsical Whatnots (LS) - jewelry, crafts, art, textiles, barn quilt boards, pebble art, bamboo creations, and more

Wise Earth Way (DV) - apothecary 

The Wild Ginkgo (LS) - jewelry, home décor, resin products

Crossovers: Popp’s Posies at the Popp Shoppe, Honeybee Bliss, Annie’s Kitchen/Sol Organics, Sporadic Farms 


Young Entrepreneur:

A Piece of Maine (YE) - whoopie pies

Rachel's Scarves (YE) - Hand Made Scarves

Kassandra Grace Candles (YE) - Wax Crafts, Candles

Willa Cable (YE) -  Crocheted items

Z-Bugs and Pixi (YE) - Plants, Consumables, Crafts