Environmental Sustainability Board

Overview & Purpose

The City of Hendersonville believes environmental sustainability is critical to preserving the community for future generations and has adopted this goal as a core value. The Environmental Sustainability Board was created in 2015 and serves in a dual role as an advisor to City Council on sustainability policies, and as outreach advocates to gain citizen support for sustainability practices and initiatives. The Board completes the below support roles for the City:

Policy Support

  • Advise, deliberate and make recommendations to the City Council to help facilitate the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan as it relates to environmental sustainability in the city;
  • Provide City Council with representative community participation in preparing and implementing plans and reports concerning environmental sustainability in the City of Hendersonville;
  • Advise Sustainability Manager on the City’s Sustainability Strategic Plan progress and implementation; and
  • Recommend to City Council an overall policy for continued sustainability and assist with citizen-led efforts in furtherance thereof.

Outreach Support 

  • Promote, facilitate, and act as liaison to educate citizens on environmental sustainability issues affecting the City of Hendersonville.

Activities may include the following:

  1. Recommend requirements and procedures for waste reduction and other sustainable practices at festivals and/or special events
  2. Assist staff in researching effectiveness and costs of sustainable practices and make reports to City Council of any recommendations.
  3. Review programs and activities other communities have implemented that would be effective in Hendersonville.
  4. Participate in community outreach at public events to educate citizens on environmental issues and related City programs.
  5. Collect feedback from citizens on new or proposed efforts to determine effectiveness

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Meeting Notices

Agenda and Minutes

City Calendar

Regular meetings are held on the third Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the City Operations Assembly Room located at 305 Williams St.
Hendersonville, NC 28792. 

For the public to attend virtually they may do so by joining via zoom. 

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Meeting ID: 820 5823 6130
Passcode: 980003

The ESB has a subcommittee dedicated to planning a new event called Hendo Earth Fest. The planning subcommittee will hold meetings on the following Fridays at 10:30 am in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room inside City Hall located at 160 6th Ave. E., Hendersonville, NC 28792. More information to come on new meetings for 2024 Hendo Earth Fest.

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Membership & Terms

Membership shall be composed from the following membership categories:  Membership shall be composed from the following membership categories:   (5) Residents of the City of Hendersonville. (3) At-Large Members,  (1) At-Large Member - seat to be filled by an individual, principal or other significant representative of an organization or business that demonstrates a commitment to an environmentally sustainable future, as determined by the City Council, (1) City Council Liaison.  (City Council will appoint the City Council Liaison to this Board. The City Council Liaison shall not be considered for purposes of determining quorum and is not a voting member.) 

Staff Liaison The City Manager shall appoint a staff liaison to the Committee who shall assist the Committee with carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The Staff Liaison shall act as the Secretary and liaison between the Board, City Departments, and the City Council and shall have the charge of correspondence, minutes, notifying members of meetings, and other information. 

Selection of the Chair and Vice Chair.  The chair shall be a resident of the City of Hendersonville and shall be selected by majority vote of the ESB Board Members.

Terms of appointment are three years. Board members shall be appointed to staggered three-year terms by the City Council annually in June. No member shall serve more than two consecutive full three-year terms unless otherwise specified in this charter. Members shall serve without compensation. At the end of a member’s term, they must take a one-year hiatus before seeking reappointment to the Board. 

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Caitlyn Gendusa
Public Works Superintendent - Sustainability
305 Williams Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(828) 712-4464

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Lyndsey Simpson, Mayor Pro-Tem - City Council Liaison
Kelly Pahle, Chair, City Resident - June, 2024
Ann Twiggs, Vice-Chair At-Large, - June, 2024
Vacant, City Resident - June, 2024
Mary Ellen Kustin, City Resident - June, 2024
Virginia Tegel, City Resident - June, 2024
Jill Carter, At-Large - June, 2026
Francis Stewart, At-Large - June, 2026
Margina Baxter - City Resident - June 2026
Grady Nance, Mountain True 


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