Firefighter Floyd A. Jackson Jr. - Born May 22, 1919 - Died November 26, 1950


black and white photo of old fire department, truck, and crew. 5 men in front of truck behind their equipment

From Left to Right: Clyde Maxwell, Floyd A. Jackson Jr., Mayor Edwards, Boyd Pattila, Chief Edney


Firefighting is a dangerous profession requiring many sacrifices among those who choose to answer the call of helping others. Every year, many firefighters are killed or injured in the line of duty. With every response a firefighter makes, there is the ever present risk that they may not return home to their loved ones.

Unfortunately, Hendersonville Fire Department is among those fire departments that have lost a member in the line of duty. On November 26, 1950 at the age of 31, Floyd A. Jackson, Jr. answered his last call at a fire which occurred at 241 North Main Street. The fire was at the business known locally as "Brunswick Lunch." While working at the scene, Floyd fell through the floor which had partially burned through during the fire. After falling through the floor, a pool table also fell through the floor striking Floyd in the neck. Floyd died of his injuries and was laid to rest on December 3, 1950 at Oakdale Cemetery in Hendersonville.