Adopt A Park, Trail, or Pollinator Bed

By adopting a park, trail, or pollinator bed, Hendersonville residents, schools, clubs and service organizations are making their parks more beautiful for everyone. The volunteer work also helps extend the benefits of tax dollars by enabling City park employees to spend their time on other, crucial projects, such as major renovations, repairs, and maintenance work.

Adopt-A-Park/Trail allows citizens, and particularly park users, to show pride in their community. It is set up for groups to visit the park or trail of their choice on a regular basis to pick up litter and to perform other tasks to help keep the park clean. Local service organizations, youth organizations, church groups, and neighborhoods can have fun while providing a community service.

Adopting a park or trail isn't just about work; it's about fun! Your group's time at your adopted park could include a picnic, outdoor games, or a swim outing (in some parks). Best of all, it's an opportunity to get to know one another better.

Tasks include:

Pollinator Garden Maintenance

  • planting, weeding, and consistent upkeep
  • Current opportunities: Oklawaha Trail

General park maintenance

  • Pick up litter and dog droppings
  • Sweep court surfaces Sweep pavilion areas
  • Clean picnic tables and benches
  • Clean and rake children’s play areas
  • Remove or paint over graffiti
  • Plant flowers or trees
  • Build & maintain trails

Groups are also asked to make note of vandalism damage, dirty restrooms, buildings or structures needing repair, or unsafe conditions.

Adoptive groups are not expected to mow grass, trim vegetation, clean restrooms or perform major repairs or maintenance.

For more information, contact the City of Hendersonville Public Works Department Sustainability Manager at: (828) 712-4464 or

Park Adoption Updates:

Patton Park has been adopted by MountainTrue.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park has been adopted by the City of Hendersonville Environmental Sustainability Board.

Berkeley Mills Park has been adopted by Phi Delta Chi Beta Omega at Wingate University.

Trail Adoption Updates:

Oklawaha Greenway Trail - 4th Avenue East to 7th Avenue has been adopted by the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club.

Oklawaha Greenway Trail - 7th Avenue to N. Main Street has been adopted by the Rotary Club of Hendersonville.

Oklawaha Greenway Trail - N. Main Street to Balfour Road has been adopted by the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.

Adopt A Park/Trail Program

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