Utility Planning

Water System Master Plan

In 2014 the City retained the services of Hazen to build a hydraulic model of its water distribution system. The model includes all City-owned water mains in Henderson County as well as in the Town of Laurel Park.

Hazen and Sawyer recently completed a Water System Master Plan project that used a new model to plan capital improvement projects to the year 2040, in order to eliminate existing deficiencies and supply water to projected growth areas. Two versions of this plan are provided below - one with larger figures and one without.

REVISED FINAL Hendersonville Water System Master Plan Report - June 2018 (Complete)

REVISED FINAL Hendersonville Water System Master Plan Report - June 2018 (Complete with Large Figures)

Sanitary Sewer Asset Inventory and Assessment

In 2017 and 2018, Black & Veatch worked with the City of Hendersonville to perform its Sanitary Sewer Asset Inventory and Assessment, which will serve as the City's sanitary sewer master plan document. The master plan provides a roadmap to maintain, improve, and expand its collection system so that the City can operate a great utility for all its current and future customers. The Sanitary Sewer Asset Inventory and Assessment includes a condition assessment of the sewer collection system, development and calibration of a dynamic hydraulic model, flow projections from the service area through 2040, hydraulic capacity assessment of the sewer system, and finally, the development of a risk-based, prioritized capital improvement program (CIP).

FINAL Sanitary Sewer Asset Inventory and Assessment including Appendix - March 2019

Process Capacity Assessment and Plant Expansion Addendum - April 2019

Prioritization Risk Scoring Map - March 2019

Recommended Improvement Projects Map - March 2019

Strategic Plan

Hendersonville Water and Sewer engaged Fountainworks, a consultancy with extensive experience advising public sector organizations, to develop a Strategic Plan for our department. This plan articulates our core identity, strengthens our purpose, and identifies several high-level strategic focus areas for the utility.

City Council is scheduled to review and discuss this plan at their October 2021 workshop meeting. The final version will be posted sometime after that meeting.