Backflow and Cross Connection Control Program

The City of Hendersonville's Backflow and Cross Contamination Control Program is designed to ensure the high quality drinking water Mountains on Tap is known for.  Cross connections are any actual or potential connection between a potable (drinking) water line and a source of contamination. At these cross connections, without protection and under certain conditions, a backflow event can occur. Backflow is the unwanted reversal of flow of a liquid, allowing non-potable sources access to the public drinking water supply.  

Backflow Preventer Assemblies are plumbing devices used to stop the flow of water in the reverse direction. These assemblies require annual testing by a certified tester to ensure they are functioning properly to protect our public water supply. 

 Info graphic on five different types of backflow prevention assemblies. The 5 covered are reduced pressure zone, reduced pressure zone detector assembly, double check, double check detector assembly, and pressure vacuum breaker.



  • 1933- A backflow event at 2 hotels in Chicago during The World Fair caused Amoebic Dysentery to enter the public water supply. Many visitors to the fair became ill, and a number died. 
  • 1964- A hospital in Michigan experienced a backflow event in which autopsy fluids  experienced backflow into the hospitals drinking water system, from a hose left on the autopsy table.
  • 1972- The Clean Water Act was enacted by the 92nd U.S. Congress. For more information on The Clean Water Act, Click Here.
  • 1974- The Safe Drinking Water Act was signed into law. To learn more about The Safe Drinking Water Act, Click Here.
  • 1993- A backflow event occurred in Wilson, North Carolina at a medical clinic during a scheduled supply line repair. A garden hose had been submerged into a chemical mixer tank to supply water, thus creating a cross connection allowing a backflow event to occur. 
  • 2018- The City of Hendersonville passed Ord. No. 18-0752, § 1, 7-5-18, implementing Hendersonville's Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention program. Ord. No. 18-0752, § 1, 7-5-18 can be read by Clicking Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for a backflow?
    The City of Hendersonville's Backflow Application Form can be found by Clicking Here.
  • Who tests the backflow preventer assemblies?
    All Backflow Preventer Assemblies must be tested by a certified backflow tester. The City's list of approved testers can be found by Clicking Here.
  • Why do I need one?
    Backflow Preventer Assemblies protect the public water supply by stopping the flow of liquid backwards into the public drinking water supply lines. The City's Cross Connection Control and Backflow program is designed to ensure safe, high-quality drinking water to all our customers. 
  • I am a tester, how do I get added to the list of approved testers?
    Contact Gracie Erwin, or Kasey Lyons to be added to the list of approved testers. Contact information can be found on the right sidebar of this webpage. 
Elizabeth "Gracie" Erwin
Utilities Compliance Coordinator
(828) 697-3057
Kasey Sudderberg
Utilities Compliance Technician
(828) 341-7072