Starting Water / Sewer Service

Starting New Service

Please complete a New Service Application to open a new account for billing purposes. We encourage customers to submit an application online or by visiting City Hall, First Floor, 160 Sixth Ave E. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you with any questions M - F 9 am to 5 pm.

New Service Application (Online)

New Service Application (Printable)

Instructions for Stopping Service

Required Information:

  • Legal Name of the Account Holder(s) (all individuals listed on the Deed or Lease Agreement need to be account holders)
  • Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number
  • Physical Address of the service location
  • Billing Address
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Rental Lease Agreement
  • Deed, Closing Disclosure, Settlement Statement, or Offer to Purchase
  • Photo Identification**

**All Rental agreements must be signed by the Property Management/Owners of the property to be considered a valid lease. Failure to submit the required documentation, i.e., proof of Identification and proof of residence, may result in a delay or non-establishment of your utility account.


Existing customers requesting to transfer service to a new location, please use our online Transfer Service Application. A Customer service team member will contact you within 5 business days upon completion of the transfer application.

New Tap, Meter, Service Connection Application

To request a water and/or sewer tap for properties not currently served, please use the links below. A technician will contact you within the 5-10 business days to set up an appointment to discuss the tap installation.

**Do not use this application if your location already has water and sewer provided by the City of Hendersonville. Doing so could delay your services from being cut back on and switched to your name. You must use the new service application at the top of the page.** 

Residential Service Connections

Non-Residential Service Connections

For questions relating to property addressing, please contact Henderson County Planning at 828-694-6517 or visit