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Download and print out your own Gen H Coloring Book! Gen H is planning for Hendersonville's future and we want our youngest community members to get involved!

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We invite you to upload your child's drawing from page 14 to show us what they want Hendersonville to look like in 20 years.

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Hendersonville over the years

We are excited to announce that the City of Hendersonville has begun the process of developing its 2045 Comprehensive Plan. It is being referred to as Gen H to encourage the community to think generationally about the future of Hendersonville.

Gen H will act as a blueprint that will shape our community’s path forward. This plan will build on the foundation of the existing 2030 plan while updating and expanding the policy framework to the year 2045 and beyond.

Gen H will help guide local growth and development of the community. It will target topics such as...

  • Public Infrastructure
  • Community Character, Cultural and Historic Resources
  • Natural Resources, Sustainability, and Resiliency
  • Parks, Recreation, and Public Spaces
  • Downtown and other community-identified focus areas
  • Community and Economic Development

Do you want to have a hand in planning the future of Hendersonville? You can! By signing up for Gen H email updates, you’ll stay informed about the latest developments in the Comp Plan process. We will keep you in the loop on upcoming events, surveys, important dates, and more! Learn more at You are Gen H. Hendersonville’s next chapter starts with you.