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Downtown Public Restrooms Open Ahead of Small Business Saturday 

restroom opening flyerThe Downtown Economic Development Program has never been so excited about the sound of a toilet flushing! On Monday November 25, at 4:30 pm, the City of Hendersonville will be cutting the ribbon on brand new Public Restrooms in Downtown Hendersonville. Located just off Main Street at 125 Fifth Avenue West, the new facility addresses a long-discussed need for downtown. 

The result of a conversation between City Council and the Downtown Main Street Advisory Committee about the most pressing infrastructure needs for the district, public restroom facility options were presented to City Council in early 2018. The options were run through an assessment process guided by Council, the Advisory Committee and the Tourism Development Authority which created preferred location and design guidelines.  

In early July of 2018 the City, using the guidelines and financial support provided by community partners, closed on the property located at 125 Fifth Avenue West for the purpose of public restrooms and downtown program offices. Samsel Architects of Asheville were hired to develop the renovation plans for the existing 1920’s era building. Following a formal bidding process completed in the winter of 2019, Dunlap Construction of Hendersonville began work on the renovation in April. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony will also be accompanied by a mayoral proclamation recognizing small businesses and proclaiming Saturday, November 30 as Small Business Saturday in the City of Hendersonville.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, and many festive events occurring downtown, citizens are encouraged to shop local and recognize the contributions small businesses make to our local economy and community.  

City Council and City of Hendersonville staff invite the media, local merchants, and the public to join them in celebration of small businesses and the ‘First Flush’ of this new downtown amenity on Monday, November 25 at 4:30 pm.

Posted by Allison N 11/12/2019

Water Shortage Advisory Lifted 

water advisory liftedThe Stage 1 Water Shortage Advisory issued by the City of Hendersonville on September 28 has been lifted.

At the City Council meeting on November 7, City Manager John Connet announced the water shortage advisory would be lifted at midnight. The advisory consisted of voluntary conservation recommendations stemming from drought conditions and lower water levels in the Mills River.

The NC Drought Management Advisory Council downgraded Henderson County from the moderate drought category to abnormally dry indicated on the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor of North Carolina. That status change in combination with the forecast and predicted customer water usage prompted the City to rescind the advisory.

Hendersonville Water & Sewer encourages customers to be mindful of their water usage and employ conservation efforts when possible, however the official Water Shortage Advisory is no longer in effect. More information about water conservation can be found at

Posted by Allison N 11/08/2019

City of Hendersonville Top Ten List 

top ten listFind out the top ten things YOU can do to improve the City of Hendersonville by watching this video.

This list was shared by City staff during the City's Council Conversation meetings held throughout the area.

10. Trim trees and shrubs hanging over public sidewalks and those interfering with traffic sight triangles on your property. You can even mow the strip of grass in front of your property if you’re feeling ambitious.  

9. Move to the right when you see an emergency vehicle approaching with lights and siren; Stopping in the middle of the road creates a giant game of Frogger and the traffic on Four Seasons is already bad enough! 

8. Just because your Real Estate Agent said it was okay does not mean it really is. “I forgot to get a building permit” will cost you a lot of money. 

7. Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the street while mowing or raking your yard, otherwise, they end up in the storm drain. Bonus Point: Be a team player and clean out clogged storm drains to help prevent flooding!!! 

6. Use your brain and ‘don’t pour grease down the drain.’ Or even better - use less grease...your cardiologist will thank you. 

5. Don’t leave your garbage can in the street or on the sidewalk after it has been emptied. “Move your can, man!” 

4. Stop driving around barricades or through standing water – We don’t like to get wet! 

3. If you pay City taxes...then you live in the City! 

2. Slow down in town; Traffic lights and stop signs are NOT optional (even if you’re from out of state 😉) 

1. Flush only the 3-P's - Poop, Pee and (toilet) Paper - If it’s not one of these….DON’T flush it!!  


Posted by Allison N 11/05/2019

Fourth Avenue Streetscape Construction  

4th avenue constructionThe public will notice construction is underway on Fourth Avenue as a sidewalk improvement project kicks off this week. The plan aims to make the corridor between Main Street and Grove Street more pedestrian friendly, provide a more walkable route linking the downtown and Seventh Avenue districts, and improve safety for those traveling through the intersection at Fourth and Grove, whether they are on foot or traveling by bicycle or motorized vehicle.

The project will involve sidewalk replacements, stormwater improvements, electrical work, new intersection signals, streetlamps, decorative brick crosswalks, and street resurfacing along Fourth Avenue.

New sidewalks will be installed on either side of Fourth Avenue with accompanying decorative streetlamp lighting. Most of the concrete and electrical work is expected to be completed by the first of the year. Street resurfacing and the installation of streetlamps is set to follow in the spring.

The project will also bring the addition of some on-street parking spaces along the eastbound side of the avenue. Additionally, an aesthetically pleasing and functional bioswale will be created to collect and filter stormwater.

A fully signalized traffic light at Fourth and Grove is also part of the street improvement project. Pedestrian specific signals and upgraded curb ramps will improve accessibility to pedestrians using the intersection. The signal installation will most likely take place in the summer of 2020.

Motorists and pedestrians can expect to see sidewalk closures, lane closures, and full street closures as varying stages of the project are completed. Questions about the improvements may be directed to Brendan Shanahan at

Posted by Allison N 11/04/2019

Events Support Funding Campaign for New Mural Downtown 

hive muralThe Hendersonville Tree Board Announces Mural to Highlight Bees and Their Importance …

Events Support Funding Campaign for New Mural Downtown

On Friday, November 1 from 3:59 – 7:00 p.m, the Wine Cellar at Wine Sage and Gourmet, 416 N. Main Street will donate 10 percent of sales during the 359 Club (a social gathering open to the public with beer and wine sold by the glass) to help fund the creation of a “bee mural” downtown.  In addition, 10% of the entire day’s sales from the cellar as well as the kitchen and gourmet shop upstairs will be donated to help fund the mural.

At Sideways Farm & Brewery, 62 Eade Rd. (off Old Hwy. 64) in Etowah, during the entire month of November all tips received will be donated to the mural project.  Sideways will be featuring their Small Batch #54 Light Honey Ale, a light ale fermented with local wildflower honey.  The brewery is one of the few breweries in the nation using honey instead of corn sugar to add carbonation to their bottles of small batch artisan brews. 

This fundraising project for the “Bring the Hive Alive!” mural initiative was kicked off in June during Hendersonville’s Pollinator Month, which is part of its Bee City USA program.  Community supporters have already raised over $9,000 through events like Bold Rock Hard Cider’s Bee Bold Pollinator Festival in Mills River and informational exhibits at Garden Jubilee, Monarch Day, and Farm City Day.  The goal is $25,000.

Where Will The Bee Mural Be?

The larger-than-life bee mural will be painted on the exterior walls at Hands On! Children’s Museum building, facing Azalea parking lot in downtown Hendersonville (along King Street between Third and Fourth Avenues.)This project helps extend the children’s museum’s mission of inspiring creativity and wonder through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to the entire community, and adds to the art appeal of downtown’s ArtScape banners, colorful bears, and the large handsome mosaic nature scene … all of which make downtown Hendersonville a family-friendly arts destination. It also gives a significant nod to our community’s agricultural businesses, acknowledging that honey bees and other pollinators are important to our economy and heritage.

Who Will Paint The Mural?

Artist Matthew Willey, with a 25-year career of painting murals, will be hired to paint the mural.He founded The Good of the Hive as a personal commitment to hand-paint 50,000 honey bees in murals around the world. Through art and imagination, his work inspires curiosity and awareness about the importance of honey bees and other pollinators while celebrating the power in human connection.  During the weeks it will take to paint the mural, Matt purposefully involves viewers, thus becoming a pollinator educator as well as a painter. 

“I believe the bee mural will bring excitement and beauty to downtown.  But, more than that, the bee mural represents something that is vital to our community. It not only represents the bees which are crucial to our farms and gardens, but it represents the way our community works together to thrive and grow and support one another,” said Merit Wolff, co-owner of Wine Sage and Gourmet and a volunteer on the mural planning team.

Community Support Encouraged

When asked when the mural will be painted, Hendersonville’s Bee City USA coordinator Kim Bailey had a straightforward answer, “As soon as we raise the funds, a total of $25,000!  Our goal is to have raised at least $12,500 by the end of the year in order to pay the 50 percent deposit, sign the contract with The Good of the Hive artist, and, hopefully, get on the artist’s mural painting schedule for 2020.”         

Hands On! Children’s Museum is hosting an online crowd-funding campaign with rewards donated by local organizations and businesses.  Supporter levels range from $25 to $100 and include thank-you gifts such as jars of local honey from the Henderson County Beekeepers Association, stickers from The Good of the Hive, honey bee window clings from Hendersonville’s Bee City USA affiliate, and enrollment in the “How to Grow a Pollinator Café” online course from Gardens That Matter. All crowd-funding donations of $25 or more received through November will also receive a coupon for $20 off a $40+ purchase from B.B. Barns The Garden Company.  Donate online at .

Mural sponsorship opportunities are also available.  Sponsors will be recognized on a permanent plaque alongside the bee mural.

  • Honey Makers ($5,000+)
  • Comb Builders ($2,500)
  • Pollen Foragers ($1000)
  • Nectar Gatherers ($500)
  • Buzz Makers ($250)

Donations in any amount, as well as in-kind donations, are all appreciated according to Bailey.Checks can be written to Hands On! (write “bee mural” in the info line) and mailed to Hands On! Children’s Museum, 318 North Main St., Hendersonville, NC 28792 … or contribute in person at Hands On! during business hours.

More Events In The Works

“The apples, pumpkins, cucumbers, and numerous other fruits and vegetables that we grow locally would not be possible without honey bees. They are fascinating and valuable insects and raising awareness of their importance and appreciation for how much they support our lives is a noble and worthy endeavor,” said Dr. Terry Kelley, Henderson County Extension Director.  “I think having The Good of the Hive mural in Henderson County is a benefit to our whole community.”

Such encouragement has inspired other organizations and businesses to organize upcoming events.  For example, Chef Michael Gilligan of Harvey’s at The Henderson Inn is planning a special dinner featuring honey and locally grown products.  Various farm, garden, and restaurant businesses have future events in the works.  Details will be announced.

For more information contact Kim Bailey at or follow the initiative’s progress at  Learn more about the artist and The Good of the Hive at

Posted by Allison N 10/28/2019

Clean Streets, Cleaner Waterways  

street sweeperThere is a new water quality hero in town, and they are helping protect our waterways with each and every mile they travel. For City of Four Seasons residents, the City of Hendersonville street sweeper is cleaning up debris on a street near you.

“Street sweeping is a city service that provides a number of benefits including significantly reducing the amount of toxic inputs found in urban stormwater runoff," said Stormwater Administrator Michael Huffman. "Things like oil, grease, brake dust, trash, dirt and leaves all become pollutants when picked up by stormwater runoff and carried to the nearest stream or creek."

The new street sweeper started traveling Hendersonville’s thoroughfares in the summer of 2019 and runs every Monday – Friday. The Public Works and Stormwater Departments recently collaborated to install a graphic wrap on the apparatus to raise awareness about the City’s Stormwater Program and Stormwater hotline.

The City is currently in the process of evaluating and updating its stormwater utility structure. The stormwater utility is the revenue stream responsible for funding equipment like the street sweeper as well as managing and maintaining the public stormwater drainage system in addition to other state and federally mandated priorities. As the City grows and the infrastructure continues to age, a greater demand is being placed on the stormwater program. A rate study is underway to evaluate program needs, engage with customers, and set the utility up to be able to fund future capital improvements and investments in the stormwater system.

“The new street sweeper will help the City of Hendersonville reduce the pollutant loads from city streets,” said Michael Huffman. “This piece of equipment is keeping our streams clean one mile at a time!”

See the Street Sweeper in Action 

Posted by Allison N 10/24/2019

Imagine a Day Without Water 

imagine a day without water flyerWhat would your day be like if you had no access to clean water?

This is the question the City of Hendersonville is proposing as they join water utilities, elected officials, community leaders and businesses from across the country on October 23, 2019. Imagine a Day Without Water is a nationwide day of education and advocacy about the value of water.

Watch the City's Imagine a Day Without Water video.

“The infrastructure that brings water to and from homes and businesses is essential to the quality of life and economic vitality of the City of Hendersonville and greater Hendersonville area,” said Mayor Barbara Volk. Mayor Volk proclaimed October 23 as Imagine a Day Without Water in the City and commended Hendersonville Water and Sewer staff for their work in providing clean water to the area.

The goal of Imagine a Day Without Water is to promote conservation and awareness of the enormous undertaking it can be to provide clean water on demand to focused populations. Turning on the tap for clean, safe drinking water, and flushing the toilet with no second thought about what happens to wastewater, are actions most Americans take for granted every day.

Lee Smith, Utilities Director at the City of Hendersonville provided information about the area’s water usage and supply.

“In 2018, Hendersonville water customers used 7 million gallons of municipal water per day or roughly 2.56 billion gallons per year,” said Lee Smith. “This amount is enough to fill the entire Empire State Building 9.25 times.” Smith pointed out that most people do not think about where that water comes from until there is an issue, drought or disruption in their service.

Before coming through a Hendersonville water customer’s faucet, water is captured at one of three intakes, two located in Pisgah National Forest and one located on the main stem of the Mills River. Water arrives at the City’s water treatment facility where it is treated with a conventional water treatment process and then pumped into the City’s distribution system consisting of nearly 700-miles of pipeline.

Counties across North Carolina are currently in varying stages of drought with Henderson County being classified in a moderate drought level, according to the NC Drought Monitor as of October 15, 2019. As a result of lower than normal water supply levels from the Mills River, a Stage 1 Water Shortage Advisory was issued by the City of Hendersonville on September 28, 2019 at 12:01 am. The Stage 1 Water Shortage Advisory remains in effect.

The Imagine a Day Without Water campaign encourages the public to participate in conservation efforts throughout the year regardless of if water shortage advisories have been issued.

Seth Goad, Environmental Services Coordinator at the City of Hendersonville, has provided simple ways to save water and participate in the City’s Water Conservation Rebate Programs:

  • An automatic dishwasher uses 9 to 12 gallons of water while hand washing dishes can use up to 20 gallons. Always make sure the dishwasher is fully loaded before running.
  • Install a high-efficiency clothes washer and make sure the washer is full before running. (High-efficiency clothes washer rebate)
  • Put a bucket in the shower while you’re waiting for the water to warm up, and use the water you catch for watering plants, flushing the toilet, or cleaning.
  • Install a low-flow showerhead. This type of showerhead typically uses 12.5 gallons or less during an average 5-minute shower.
  • Spend less time in the shower.
  • Install a high-efficiency toilet. (High-efficiency toilet rebate)
  • Let pee be – only flush #2.
  • Proper household maintenance of faucets, toilets, showers, sinks, etc. will reduce the likelihood of leaks. Water customers are provided with a free AquaHawk alerting program that shows water usage levels sends alerts when usage indicates a leak. Go to to sign up your account.   
  • Participate in the City of Hendersonville’s Rain barrel Program.
  • If you must water your grass or trees, water them more heavily, but less often; this saves water and builds stronger roots. Water during the coolest part of the day to lessen the impact of evaporation. On average, lawns require only 0.25 inches of water per day or 1.25 inches of water per week in warm weather. (Smart irrigation systems rebate)
  • The City of Hendersonville also offers a customer-side shut off valve rebate program. This feature can help save water during an active leak and allow customers to shut off service on their side of the meter if they plan to be away on vacation or gone for an extended period.

“Our Hendersonville Water and Sewer staff take great pride in providing excellent water and wastewater services,” said Lee Smith, Utilities Director. “We hope that by imagining a day without water, our customers will be more aware of the water supply and delivery infrastructure and take steps to conserve this vital resource.”  

Additional Water Conservation Resources are available on the City’s website at

Posted by Allison N 10/18/2019

HPD announces Safe Traffic Enforcement Patrols (STEP) Initiative 

step initiative graphicDue to feedback garnered at every city council conversation; as well as the feedback HPD has received from citizens about concerns of drivers constantly disregarding red lights, running stops signs, increased reports of drivers exceeding the posted speed limits and driving too fast for conditions in several neighborhoods in our city, the Hendersonville Police Department will launch its STEP Initiative (Safe Traffic Enforcement Patrols) effective immediately. Accordingly, citizens can expect to experience increases in our radar patrols. These will be done in marked and unmarked vehicles and on motorcycles. Moreover, citizens can expect to experience more traffic safety checkpoints in the weeks ahead.

“Our goal is to do as much as we can to better ensure the safe travels of citizens throughout the city whether by vehicles, bicycles, or by foot," said Hendersonville Police Chief Herbert Blake. "Therefore, our police officers will make dedicated efforts to increasingly enforce traffic laws throughout the city. We will use our social media outlets and conventional media to educate citizens and to hopefully establish a higher awareness of the importance of traffic safety in addition to our enforcement efforts. Citizens can help us by obeying traffic laws. We encourage citizens to continue to report observations of careless driving in their neighborhoods.”

Contact the Hendersonville Police Department at 828-697-3025.

Posted by Allison N 10/16/2019

City of Hendersonville Hydrant Replacement Program 

hydrant replacementThe City of Hendersonville is ramping up efforts on a project to upgrade hydrants throughout its water system, but particularly inside the city limits where the majority of the older hydrants are located. Most often the older hydrants are red in color, include only two nozzles and have no valve to isolate the hydrant from the water system. Hendersonville Water and Sewer personnel plan to repair or replace more than sixty hydrants over the next two years, including the addition of isolation valves, for those that currently have none.

“Our hydrant replacement program is aimed at improving public safety and reliability,” said City Manager John Connet. “Many of the hydrants scheduled to be replaced are between 70 to 100 years old.” John Connect explained the City’s fire and water/sewer departments collaborated to identify the hydrants that needed attention and will systematically make repairs and replacements.

New hydrants use standardized quick connects, commonly referred to as Storz, and allow firefighters to quickly attach which can save time on the fireground. Some of these new hydrants have an even larger hose connection which allow firefighters to utilize larger hoses for fighting fires. Modern hydrants are also easier for water/sewer department staff to maintain because they can be disassembled for repairs and future maintenance. As an added benefit of the program, staff will be installing hydrant isolation valves during the hydrant replacement work; additional valves allow staff to more easily isolate hydrants in order to greatly minimize the number of customers impacted by service disruption when future hydrant repairs or replacements are required.

Part of the replacement plan includes designating personnel to lead the project. As part of the current budget, City Council authorized Hendersonville Water and Sewer to establish an additional valve and hydrant crew and a crew leader to oversee the activities of the two crews. These individuals will lay out the replacement schedule and work with operations support personnel to notify residents and businesses when work will impact their water service. The valve and hydrant crews will also assist with scheduled water system line flushing to maintain water quality and fire flow protection for the community.

When a hydrant is being flushed or replaced, water customers in the immediate vicinity may experience pressure fluctuations, water discoloration, loss of water service, and may be placed under a boil water advisory depending on the circumstances. Boil water advisories are issued in response to an event that could allow contaminants to enter the water system. Water samples are collected and tested to ensure the water is safe to drink before the advisory is lifted.

“We make an effort to notify customers ahead of hydrant replacements and scheduled line work,” said Utilities Director Lee Smith, “but these notifications will only reach people if their contact information is up to date.” Smith stressed the importance of customers to keep their phone numbers and email addresses current, so they know about boil water advisories associated with scheduled utility work as well as unexpected water main breaks.

Hendersonville Water & Sewer customers can visit the Customer Self Service portal to view and manage bills as well as update their contact information. Account holders can also update their information via online form call Customer Service at (828) 697-3052.

Ideally, the valve and hydrant maintenance crew’s goal would be to tackle one hydrant a week, but the schedule must remain fluid to accommodate for inclement weather. Also, during unforeseen water main breaks, the hydrant crews are often pulled in to assist with emergency repair operations which have the potential to delay the hydrant replacement schedule.

More information and a tentative schedule of hydrant replacements are available at


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2019 Bearfootin’ Art Walk Auction 

bearDue to inclement weather, we are moving the 17th Annual Bear Auction indoors. The Auction event details will remain the same with the exception of the location. The Auction will be held at the City Operations Center at 305 Williams Street on October 19, 2019. Bidder registration will begin at 3:00 pm with the auction scheduled for 5:00 pm. All of these activities will take place inside the City Operations building.


The 17th Annual Bearfootin’ Public Art Walk is nearing its grand finale event! The bears, having spent the summer raising awareness for non-profits and the good work they do in our community, are getting excited to generate a final big splash for those non-profits. Which means, if you’ve been eyeing one of the fabulous additions to the Bearfootin’ Art catalogue over the summer, this weekend is your chance to take one home! Our annual Bearfootin’ Art Walk Auction is scheduled for Saturday October 19th, 2019 with bidder registration and live entertainment beginning at 3:00 pm and the auction scheduled for 5:00 pm.

What’s the auction you say? Each year, the downtown program hosts a live auction to raise funds for the Art Walk and the many non-profits that the bears represent. Winning bids up to $3,000 are split evenly between the downtown program and the winning non-profit, while bid amounts which exceed $3,000 are directed to the non-profit in their entirety. So, come cheer on your favorite non-profit and/or bear, enjoy a fabulous afternoon and evening downtown and maybe, if you’re feeling it, get yourself a bear!

Still not sure which of those bears will look best in your home? The bears will be found hanging out together on the historic courthouse plaza right up to the auction date! The congregation of the bears at the courthouse serves not only as a reminder of the onset of fall in Hendersonville but is an impressive display of the creative talent of our community. Want to learn more about your favorite bear, don’t forget to pick up our fabulous Bearfootin’ brochure, available at the Visitor’s Center or online at The brochure provides information on each bear, including their sponsors, their non-profit beneficiaries, and artists. Not to mention they make a great keepsake for bear aficionados!

Can’t be in town on the 19th but still want to take a bear home this year? The Downtown Program’s proxy bidding option is for you! All you have to do is pick your favorite bear or two or three, establish a maximum bid and we will take care of the rest using a live on-site bidder to compete for the bear you’re interested in! Contact Dalleen Jackson at 828.233.3205 or by October 17th for more information about this unique option. If you prefer to be there in person, plan to register the day of the auction beginning at 3:00 pm at the Historic Courthouse. Don’t forget the auction is scheduled for Saturday October 19th at 5:00 pm. We hope to see you there!

LOCATION: Historic Courthouse Square, Main Street   City Operations Center - 305 Williams St.

TIME: Live Auction begins at 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 19th

DETAILS: Bidder Registration and Music begin at 3:00 PM

Posted by Allison N 10/15/2019

Multi-Area Streambank Project Scheduled to Begin 

stream sitesThe public will soon see construction and restoration efforts taking place as part of the City of Hendersonville’s Multi-Area Streambank Restoration Project. The project will restore approximately 11,000 linear feet of streambanks at thirteen sites throughout the area. The plan aims to protect existing water and sewer infrastructure while improving stream health and water quality. The City obtained a North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality zero interest loan to fund the project.

“Our City has had a lot of success in the past with streambank restoration projects, and we’re excited to move from the planning phase into implementation,” said City Engineer Brent Detwiler. “This multi-site project will go a long way in improving water quality and reducing erosion on private and public property, while protecting critical infrastructure.” 

The site with the most visibility and complexity of work is at Patton Park and along Brittain Creek. Phase one of the Patton Park project will begin mid-October with sanitary sewer upgrades occurring first. The existing 18” clay sewer line will be replaced with a 24” PVC line. Improving sewer infrastructure decreases the possibility of clean water entering the sanitary sewer system and reduces the likelihood of a future line failure, which could lead to sewage entering streams. After sewer system improvements are completed, focus will shift to other phases of the Patton Park site work.

As with the other urban stream sites identified in the plan, sections of Brittain Creek will be restored using economically feasible and ecologically sustainable methods. Practices will vary by site but can include bank shaping and planting; construction of riffles and pools; installation of rock vanes and geolifts (eroded streambanks are graded to a stable slope and native vegetation is installed); and the reestablishment of riparian buffer.

In addition to stream buffer enhancements and invasive species removal, the Patton Park project will also involve the construction of a stormwater wetland.

The existing pond within the park drains an adjacent parking lot but does not provide satisfactory stormwater treatment. The water is especially turbid, or muddy, and engineering staff have plans to make the area more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modifications to the pond will convert it into a stormwater wetland accompanied by wildlife observation decks and educational signage. Later in the project, a bioswale and a section of permeable pavement will be installed in the parking area to better manage stormwater. The City of Hendersonville was awarded a NC-319 Grant from the NC Department of Environmental Quality to help fund a portion of the new stormwater control measures in Patton Park.

“The improvements happening in Patton Park are a big step forward in our City’s stormwater management practices,” said Stormwater Administrator Michael Huffman. “Along with the green infrastructure at the new Public Works Maintenance Building, we’ve lovingly titled this area the ‘Stormwater Stroll’ because visitors will be able to see a bioswale, stream restoration, stormwater wetland, permeable pavement, bioretention and rainwater harvesting methods all in close proximity to one another.”

Work at the Patton Park site will begin in mid-October and could potentially extend until Summer of 2020. The schedule will be dependent on weather conditions and the progress of other restoration sites, many of which will be occurring concurrently. A portion of the walking trail at Patton Park will be inaccessible during construction and signage will be posted to alert park users.

For additional information and updates on the project, please visit


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Fire Prevention Reminders 

home fire planAs Fire Prevention Week™ approaches, The City of Hendersonville Fire Department reminds residents: Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!™

The City of Hendersonville Fire Department is teaming up with the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®)—the official sponsor of Fire Prevention Week for more than 90 years—to promote this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” The campaign works to educate everyone about the small but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe.

NFPA statistics show that in 2017 U.S. fire departments responded to 357,000 home structure fires. These fires caused 2,630 fire deaths and 10,600 fire injuries. On average, seven people died in a fire in a home per day during 2012 to 2016.

“These numbers show that home fires continue to pose a significant threat to safety,” said Lorraine Carli, NFPA’s vice president of Outreach and Advocacy. “In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Escape planning and practice can help you make the most of the time you have, giving everyone enough time to get out.

While NFPA and the City of Hendersonville Fire Department are focusing on home fires, these messages apply to virtually any location.

“Situational awareness is a skill people need to use wherever they go,” said Fire Marshal Justin Ward. “No matter where you are, look for available exits. If the alarm system sounds, take it seriously and exit the building immediately.”

The Hendersonville Fire Department is hosting a series of events in support of this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!”, including Fire Prevention Programs at elementary schools within the City and several Public Outreach Programs. The Public Outreach Programs give members of our community that may not have access to material that is being taught in schools, to meet with members of our Department, ask questions, discuss home escape plans and obtain educational materials. These events will be:

  • Saturday 10/5 - Farm City Day at Jackson Park 10am - 4pm
  • Wednesday 10/9 - Ingles 625 Spartanburg Highway (near Planet Fitness) from 4 - 6pm
  • Thursday 10/10 - Ingles 1980 Asheville Highway from 4 - 6pm
  • Friday 10/11 - Wal-Mart 250 Highlands Square Drive from 4 – 6pm

To find out more about Fire Prevention Week programs and activities in Hendersonville, please contact the Hendersonville Fire Department at 828-697-3024. For more general information about Fire Prevention Week and home escape planning, visit

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Fall Bulk Leaf Collection 

fall bulk leafOn October 14, 2019, the City of Hendersonville will begin their Fall bulk leaf collection for City residents. Bulk leaf collection will continue throughout the season and conclude on December 31.

Residents are asked NOT to bag their leaves; simply rake leaves as close to the street, curb, or sidewalk as possible without placing the leaves in the roadway or on the sidewalk. Keeping leaf piles out of the roadways and sidewalks help prevent them from being washed into the storm drain which can cause flooding. This leaf collection process is separate from brush collection crews; therefore, residents will need to keep their brush and leaves in separate piles until bulk leaf collection has concluded at the end of the year. Spring bulk leaf collection typically occurs during the month of March.

It is not necessary for the public to contact Public Works with leaf pick-up requests as this service is automatically provided to City residents. Leaf piles are picked up from homes about every 10 to 14 days but, depending on the volume of leaves placed out for collection, the piles could be picked up sooner or later than that time frame.

For questions about this project, please call the Public Works Department at (828) 697-3084.

Posted by Allison N 10/01/2019

Stage 1 Water Shortage Advisory 

water shortage stage 1The City of Hendersonville is currently experiencing lower than normal levels in their water supply (Mills River) due to the on-going drought conditions affecting most of North Carolina.

“The City of Hendersonville encourages all water customers to take conservations measures,” said City Manager John Connet. “Our Water Treatment Plant is fully operational, however with our area being in a moderate drought level, we are being proactive and asking residents to voluntarily cease any unnecessary water use.”

In accordance with the City’s Water Shortage Response and Conservation ordinance (City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 52, Article VI), the City Manager has declared a Stage I Water Shortage Advisory to take place at 12:01 AM on September 28, 2019. Stage I water conservation compliance consists of voluntary measures including, but not limited to:  

(1) Limit car washing to a minimum;

(2) Limit lawn and garden watering to that which is necessary for plants to survive;

(3) Do not wash down outside areas such as sidewalks, patios, parking lots, service bays, aprons, etc.;

(4) Do not leave faucets running while shaving or rinsing dishes;

(5) Water shrubbery to the minimum required, reusing household water when possible;

(6) Limit use of clothes washers and dishwashers, and when used, operate fully loaded;

(7) Use showers for bathing rather than bathtub and limit showers to no more than four minutes;

(8) Limit flushing of toilets by multiple usage;

(9) The use of disposable and biodegradable dishes is encouraged;

(10) The use of flow restrictive and water saving devices;

(11) Limit hours of operation of water-cooled air conditioners;

(12) All residents, businesses and institutions are requested to temporarily delay new landscape work until the water shortage has ended.

These voluntary conservation measures shall remain in effect until either a Stage II water shortage and/or a Stage III water shortage is declared by the City or once the water shortage is declared to be over by the City. Details on water shortage response and conservation can be found in the City’s Code of Ordinances located at:

In 2010, the Water Conservation ordinance was reviewed by a task force of local business owners, members of the green industry, large industry, local citizens, a City Council Member, and a City staff member. The task force recommended, and the approval was given by City Council to allow more flexibility to businesses and industrial operations that depend on water for their livelihood.

Educational resources to provide citizens with water conservation information is available at:

For more information please contact Hendersonville Water and Sewer at 697-3073.

**The Water Shortage Advisory was lifted at 12:00am on Novmber 8, 2019**

Posted by Allison N 09/27/2019

Hendersonville Fire Department Awarded SAFER Grant for Twelve Firefighters 

HFD collageThe Hendersonville Fire Department is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant in the amount of $1,252,324.20 from the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency for the hiring of twelve firefighters.

“The safety of our citizens and visitors is vital to us,” said Mayor Barbara Volk. “The SAFER grant will allow for fuller coverage in emergency situations throughout the city. We congratulate the Hendersonville Fire Department staff for their work in securing this grant for us.”

The SAFER grant is intended to help local fire departments improve their staffing and deployment capabilities in order for them to respond to emergencies more effectively. The Hendersonville Fire Department was directed to submit a grant application by City Council during their March 7, 2019 meeting. FEMA found the proposal to be consistent with the SAFER grant program’s purpose and worthy of award.

“We will utilize this grant to hire twelve firefighters, giving us the ability to staff an additional engine company and much needed Battalion Chief positions,” said Hendersonville Fire Chief Joseph Vindigni. “This will not only improve our service delivery to the City but also improve safety while operating on the fire ground and at emergency incidents.”  

The SAFER grant is awarded for a period of three years. The grant will pay for 75 percent of the salary and benefits for each of the new firefighters in the first and second year of the grant; the third year of the grant funds 35 percent of salary and benefits.

Congressman Mark Meadows will present the SAFER grant check to the City of Hendersonville Fire Department on Wednesday, October 2 at 10:30am at Fire Station 2, located at 632 Sugarloaf Road in Hendersonville.

Posted by Allison N 09/26/2019
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