Mission Statement

The Administration Department is made of up the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Clerk, Budget and Management Analyst, Human Resources and the Communications Manager.

The Administration department serves all departments and the City Council.

Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes


City Manager John Connet

John has a Bachelor's Degree from Western Carolina University and Master of Public Administration from Appalachian State University. John is a member of the International City/County Manager Association and the North Carolina City/County Manager Association.

He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City and carrying out the priorities of the City Council.



Assistant City Manager Brian Pahle

Brian is responsible for assisting the Manager with the development of the annual budget, a variety of special and multi-departmental projects and represents the City at local and intergovernmental meetings. He consults and advises department heads in areas of budget and fiscal management, personnel and staffing issues, purchasing and other administrative actions as requested. In addition, he provides technical advice and guidance to the Manager and Council.



City Clerk

The City Clerk is Angela Reece. The City Clerk serves as a direct link between the citizens of the community and their government. Duties of the City Clerk include: assists in the preparation of the agenda and organizing meetings of the City Council, serves as custodian of City of Hendersonville municipal records, ordinances, resolutions, policies, etc., responds to requests for information from citizens, businesses, media and other agencies, maintains information on all the boards and commissions appointed by the City Council. The Clerk records today's events for tomorrow's history.
See Board Information for information concerning boards and commissions.

Are you looking for the Clerk of Court's office? The Hendersonville City Clerk's Office is frequently mistaken with the Henderson County Clerk of Court. If you have questions about court dates, court records, etc. please call them at 828/694.4100.

For information on birth or death certificates, divorce decrees and other recorded information, please contact the Henderson County Register of Deeds at 828/697.4901.

Budget and Management Analyst

The Budget and Management Analyst is Adam Murr. He performs advanced professional work in the preparation and administration of the City's operating and capital budgets. Work includes a variety of budgeting tasks involving statistical financial reports, budgetary accounting, generating spread sheets and graphics on fiscal matters, generating a variety of records and financial reports, and performing related fiscal duties.

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is Allison Justus. Allison works to ensure information about news, programs and services from City departments and elected officials are delivered efficiently and effectively to media organizations, employees and the public. Visit the City News page for recent press releases and news items. To connect with the City of Hendersonville on social media, visit the Get Connected page.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Director is Jennifer Harrell. She performs managerial and administrative work focused on planning, organizing, and directing a comprehensive human resources management program for the City of Hendersonville.

Jennifer is responsible for the management of the human resources functions for the City of Hendersonville. Emphasis of the work is on defining operating policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and retention, employee relations, management and staff development, equal employment opportunity, classification and pay, employee benefits, performance review and merit pay, policy development, and personnel records.

The Human Resources Coordinator is Lu Ann Welter. She coordinates the employee wellness program, the safety program, and the customer service excellence program.

Deanna VanWyk is the Human Resources Analyst. She is is responsible for processing the City's employee payroll for approximately 260 full-time employees, coordinating employee benefits coverage, withheld taxes; and maintaining all relevant records related to payroll.

The Administrative Suite is located at:

City Hall - Second Floor
160 6th Ave E
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Telephone: 828/697-3005

City Manager
Phone: 828/697-3005

Assistant City Manager
Phone: 828/233-3218

City Clerk
Phone: 828/697-3005

Budget and Management Analyst
Phone: 828/233-2879

Communications Manager
Phone: 828/697-3001

Human Resources is located at:

City Hall, Third Floor
160 6th Ave E
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Phone: 828/697-3003

HR Coordinator
Phone: 828/233-3204

HR Analyst
Phone: 828/697-3020