Development Projects Division

Welcome to the Development Projects Division of the City of Hendersonville!

The Development Projects Division, working under the guidance of the City Engineer, serves as the gateway for proposed development projects seeking to connect to or extend the city’s existing utility infrastructure. With a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and sustainable growth, we facilitate the integration of new developments into Hendersonville's infrastructure network.

Through meticulous review and assessment of utility extension plans, we verify that all plans adhere to regulatory requirements and technical specifications, both locally and at the state level, maintaining the high-quality standards that define Hendersonville's infrastructure landscape. Whether you're planning a new commercial venture or expanding an existing project, the Development Projects Division is here to facilitate your journey toward success in Hendersonville.

Utility Extension Process Flow Chart

For an estimated timeline of our workflow please access our Extensions Process Flow Chart.

Utility Extensions Process

Availability Request Form

An availability request form is required for all utility extensions. Non-residential connections meeting the criteria listed below will also require formal water and/or sewer availability and connection/utility plan approvals before a tap application can be submitted.

  • Connections with meters sized 1.5-inch and larger
  • Any connection with a fire line connection
  • Any connection to a private system

Availability Request Form

Utility Extension Checklist

To ensure a smooth and efficient submittal process of utility extension plans please use our Utility Extension Checklist as a submittal guide. Submit utility extension packet according to the instructions provided and ensure all requested files and items are included in your submittal along with the checklist.

Utility Extension Submittal Checklist

Adela Gutierrez Ramirez
Civil Engineer I
(828) 233-2857
Deborah Sholl
Project Coordinator
(828) 233-2877 (o)
(828) 707-6251 (c)