Downtown Advisory Board

The City of Hendersonville is committed to protecting the economic viability, physical infrastructure, and social fabric of Main Street, 7th Avenue and the entire downtown area. The Downtown Mainstreet Advisory and Seventh Avenue Advisory Committees were merged by City Council to form a the Downtown Advisory Board. The Board serves in an advisory role to the City Council in matters pertaining to the Hendersonville Main Street Municipal Service District  and 7th Avenue Municipal Service District subject to such limitations as may be imposed by state law or by ordinances of the City. The Board works in concert with City Staff and City Council to implement the historic preservation based economic development strategy developed by the National Main Street Center and known as "The Four Point Approach." The Board  is an active member of the North Carolina Main Street Program.

Membership & Terms

All appointments shall be made by the City of Hendersonville City Council. The Board shall consist of sixteen (16) members, including (14) voting members and (2) non-voting members. Membership shall be composed from the following membership categories:  

(5) Stakeholders representing Seventh Avenue Municipal Service District (all voting members)

(5) Stakeholders representing Main Street Municipal Service District (all voting members)

(4) At-large members (all voting members)

(1) City Council liaison member (non-voting member)

(1) Representative (Director or designee) from the Hendersonville Rescue Mission (non-voting member)

Stakeholder members are defined as persons owning property within a municipal service district the City of Hendersonville, and business owners whose business is located within a municipal service district in the City of Hendersonville.

At-large members are defined as persons owning property or residing within the City of Hendersonville or Henderson County, or business owners whose business is located within the City of Hendersonville or Henderson County.

Members serve three-year staggered terms and may be reappointed to two consecutive terms, before being required to sit off the board for at least one year. Members serve without compensation. 


Regular Joint Meetings of the City of Hendersonville Downtown Advisory Board are held on the second Tuesday of every  month beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the Downtown Offices located at 125 5th Avenue W. Suite 200, Hendersonville NC, Hendersonville NC. Meetings may take place virtually via zoom with notice. Meeting access information will be posted on the City's calendar in addition to any notice.





Agendas & Minutes 


Jamie Carpenter
Downtown Manager
125 Fifth Avenue W.
Hendersonville, NC 28792
(828) 233-3216


City Council Liaison - Debbie O'Neal-Roundtree
Rescue Mission Executive Director - Anthony McMinn

Main Street MSD Stakeholders
Caroline Gunther, Chair- June 2024
Mark Pavao - June 2025
Jared Bellmund - June 2023
Joseph Dinin - June 2023
Carol Sitzer - June 2024

7th Avenue MSD Stakeholders
Matthew Hickman, Vice Chair - June 2024
Phil Wilmont - June 2025
VACANT - June 2024
John Ryan - June 2023
Chris Cormier - June 2023

Walt Slagel - June 2023
Patsy Dupre - June 2023
Keang H Uy- June 2025
Gerald Fitzgerald - June 2025

Resources & Documents

Downtown Advisory Board Charter & Rules of Procedure

Resolution Establishing Downtown Advisory Board

City Calendar

Meeting Notices

Map of District Boundaries

Downtown Board Orientation / Overview of Program