Water Shortage Advisories

The City of Hendersonville would like to make its Water Shortage Response Plan known to the public in the event of low water levels.  

The City of Hendersonville has a response plan prepared to reduce potable water demand and supplement existing drinking water supplies whenever they are in danger of being inadequate to meet customer needs. The City Manager is authorized to enact water shortage response provisions whenever the trigger conditions outlined in the City of Hendersonville’s Water Shortage Response Plan are met. This is done to ensure the safety of residents and preserve our water supply.  

There are four stages of water shortage response the city will progress into if low water levels exist.

For questions contact Hendersonville Water & Sewer:

(828) 697-3073 (8:00am-5:00pm M-F)
(828) 891-7779 (After hours, weekends and holidays) 

water stages listed out