Gen H - About the Plan

About the Gen H Comprehensive Plan

The City of Hendersonville is beginning the process of developing a 2045 Comprehensive Plan to establish a long-term vision for sustainable growth and conservation.  The Comprehensive Plan is being referred to as Gen H, to encourage the community to think generationally about the future of Hendersonville. This plan will build on the foundation of the existing 2030 plan while updating and expanding the policy framework for a 25-year planning horizon.  

What is in a Comprehensive Plan?

The Gen H Comprehensive Plan will provide guidance and recommendations for the following topics: 

  • Land Use and Growth 
  • Public Infrastructure 
  • Community Character, Cultural and Historic Resources 
  • Natural Resources, Sustainability, and Resiliency 
  • Parks, Recreation, and Public Spaces 
  • Downtown and other community-identified focus areas 
  • Community and Economic Development 

The Gen H Comprehensive Plan will be Hendersonville’s strategy for how growth and development is managed over the next 20+ years. The plan will be used as a tool for prioritizing resources and future planning efforts. City Council can also use the Gen H Plan as a guide for budgeting, strategic planning, and making policy decisions.

The Downtown Master Plan portion of the Comprehensive Plan was made possible by a grant from the Henderson County Tourism Development Authority.

How does a Comprehensive Plan update occur?

The City of Hendersonville has hired Bolton and Menk, Inc. to assist with the development of the Comprehensive Plan update.  Over the coming months, they will work alongside city staff reviewing previous plans and studies, analyzing existing conditions, meeting with community members to establish plan visions and goals, and ultimately developing a plan for adoption and implementation. 

Research and Review 

  • Previous plans, policies, and ordinances will be reviewed and updated as needed to ensure they foster the visions and goals of Gen H. 

Existing Conditions 

  • Existing conditions within the city will be reviewed to see how they have supported or hindered the previous plan’s success.  

Public Engagement 

  • Community participation is vital in the success of a Comprehensive Plan. Conversations with community and technical stakeholders will be held to understand existing successes and challenges within the city and what opportunities there are for the future. 

Plan Development and Adoption  

  • A plan will be developed encompassing the existing conditions analysis, policy review, public engagement, focus area studies and overall recommendations. As part of the plan, an implementation guide will be included to ensure future success. 

After almost of year of community engagement and plan development, the public has the opportunity to review the draft Gen H Comprehensive Plan and give final feedback. Take the Gen H Draft Plan Survey to give feedback and visit the Gen H Timeline to learn how to provide additional public comments to the Planning Board and City Council.

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