Pavillion Rental

If you are interested in reserving a pavilion for a private party please call (828) 697-3084. There are pavilions located at Patton Park.

The large pavilion located in Patton Park (next to the pool) is available to rent in four-hour increments for $50, if you wish to reserve for the entire day the fee is $100. The small pavilion also located in Patton Park (next to basketball courts) is $25 for four hours, and $50 for the entire day.

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Patton Park

Large Pavilion consists of ten 10-foot tables, fireplace and three charcoal grills.

Photo of Large Pavilion at Patton ParkPhoto of picnic tables under the large pavilion


Small Pavilion consists of four 10-foot tables and one charcoal grill.

Photo of small pavilion at Patton Park