The Hendersonville City Council passed a non-consensual towing ordinance on September 7, 2023 to protect both the general public as well as lot owner and lessee property rights. The ordinance took effect November 1, 2023.

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What is nonconsensual towing or booting?

Nonconsensual towing or booting is the towing or booting/wheel lock of a motor vehicle without the permission or consent of the owner or operator of the motor vehicle.

Who/what/where does the nonconsensual towing ordinance apply?

The ordinance applies to private/commercial parking lots in the City of Hendersonville that tow/boot vehicles and/or charge a fee for the public to park.

Why does this ordinance exist?

The Hendersonville City Council has an interest in protecting the welfare of the general public and found that some practices related to the non-consensual towing or booting of motor vehicles from private parking lots have exposed the public or members of the towing industry to harm. Non-consensual towing or booting can leave unknowing drivers without means of transportation and can lead to altercations between vehicle owners and towing personnel.

The creation of a non-consensual towing ordinance will help protect the lot owners’ and lessees’ property rights and assist in making sure that:

  1. Parking is available to those lawfully present on the private parking lots.
  2. The public is aware that their vehicle may be towed or booted if they park in a private parking lot without permission, or without paying applicable fees.
  3. If a vehicle parked on a private parking lot is subject to nonconsensual towing or booting, the vehicle owner or operator has a reasonable means of securing the return of the personal property within the motor vehicle and the motor vehicle itself, without being subjected to coercive practices.

How can I learn more?

Read the ordinance: City of Hendersonville Non-consensual Towing Ordinance.

View an overview of the ordinance (starts at 2:26:04):

View an overview of the ordinance and changes (starts at 2:26:04)