Street Division

The Public Works Department maintains 134 lane miles of City streets but all streets in the City are not City-maintained. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) maintains several major thoroughfares (U.S. 64, U.S. 176, Highway 25, and Highway 191 - including King and Church Streets, and others). To check if your street is City, State (NCDOT) or privately maintained view this map [pdf].

Funding for the maintenance of City streets come from what is known as Powell Bill funds. These funds are not property taxes but are monies received from the taxes paid on gasoline. Allocation of these funds is based on population (75%) and street mileage (25%). Recently, City Council made street maintenance a very high priority by allocating one cent of the property tax toward street maintenance. All of this money goes directly toward our annual street resurfacing program.

The monies the City receives from the Powell Bill Fund cannot be spent on maintaining any NCDOT street. That is why at times you see potholes on major streets and wonder why the City is not repairing them, however, we do report them to NCDOT.

We pride ourselves on the low number of potholes on City streets. We repaired over 1,200 potholes last year. You can report a pothole in the City by calling (828) 697-3084.

Street and Sidewalk Repair: To report unsafe or unsightly sidewalk and street conditions, including potholes, call the Public Works Department at (828) 697-3084.

You can also use this link to report non-emergency problems. Hendersonville Reporter App

Encroachments Permits: If you are planning any work where you will be blocking a sidewalk, cutting the sidewalk, or cutting a city maintained roadway or closing a roadway, please fill out the Encroachment Permit Application.



How does the City decide which streets to resurface each year?

The City of Hendersonville uses a Pavement Condition Survey (PCS) to determine the condition of our streets and to establish a prioritized repair program. We completed a comprehensive survey in spring of 2018 and will be using that survey as a basis for determining which streets will receive resurfacing the next few years. The survey provides a Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) for each street segment (intersection to intersection or intersection to dead end). The rating uses a 0 – 100 scale that is widely used by most municipalities in North Carolina. The PCR starts at 100 and is reduced based on the types of problems present on the road segment, and the severity of those problems. As the PCR continues to decline for each street or street segment, the street will move its way up the priority list until it is resurfaced. Other factors are weighed along with the bottom line score but the PCR is the critical starting point to this process.

Occasionally, other roads are resurfaced for reasons other than the condition of the asphalt. This could be due to utility work, streetscape enhancement projects, or funding considerations.

City of Hendersonville Pavement Condition Web Mapping Application


Brandon Mundy
Public Works Superintendent- Environmental Services, Streets & Traffic
(828) 697-3084
Timothy Hensley
Street Maintenance Supervisor
(828) 697-3084