Special Events

Special events require the coordination of a variety of city and event organizers' resources to come together successfully. Whether held downtown, in one of our many attractive public parks or elsewhere in the city, they have very specific impacts which are best considered and weighed prior to the event itself.

The City has established a policy to facilitate this planning process with the City. If you are planning a special event in the City of Hendersonville, it is essential that you review the policy well ahead of your planned event date to determine what you'll need to have in place for a successful event!

In the policy you will find information about:

1. What the City's definition of a "Special Event" is.

2. Fees, deposits and special conditions that may be applied to each event.

3. Application timelines and required special event permit documentation and information.

4. Grounds for application denial.

5. The committees involved in the event approval process and their roles & responsibilities.


City of Hendersonville Events Policy and Application


Terrye Jacobs
Downtown Event Coordinator