Staff Contact Directory


Connet, JohnCity Manager(828) 697-3000
Drake, TammieCity Clerk(828) 697-3005
Murr, AdamBudget & Management Analyst II(828) 233-2879
Nock, AllisonCommunications Manager(828) 697-3001
Pahle, BrianAssistant City Manager(828) 233-3218


City Council

Hensley, JenniferCouncil Member(828) 606-3703
Miller, Jeff Council Member(828) 693-7426
Simpson, LyndseyCouncil Member(828) 513-8667
Smith, Jerry A.Mayor Pro Tem(828) 243-9123
Volk, BarbaraMayor(828) 697-3000


Development Assistance Department

Frady, SusanDevelopment Assistance Director(828) 697-3010
Heyman, DanielPlanner II(828) 697-3010
Morrow, TylerPlanner I(828) 697-3010
Swann, TerriAdministrative Aide III(828) 697-3010
OpenZoning Enforcement Officer(828) 697-3010


Downtown Economic Development

Carpenter, JamieDowntown Economic Development Coordinator(828) 697-3000
Friedheim, MeredithDowntown Event Coordinator(828) 233-3205
Holloway. LewDowntown Economic Development Director(828) 233-3216



Allamong, BenjaminGOS Technician I(828) 697-3000
Conard, ChrisConstruction Inspector I(828) 697-3000
Detwiler, BrentCity Engineer(828) 697-3060
Fogo, Keith Construction Manager(828) 233-3235
Huffman, MichaelStormwater Administrator(828) 697-3013
Hutchinson, WilliamGIS Technician I(828) 697-3000
Penland, TravisGIS Administrator(828) 233-3226
Pomraning, MarkEngineering Technician III(828) 233-3236
Shanahan, BrendanCivil Engineer III(828) 233-3237

Terry, Chris

Construction Inspector

(828) 233-3215



CustomerService@hvlnc.govWater & Sewer Billing & Questions(828) 697-3052
Beddingfield, BethanyCustomer Service Representative(828) 697-3052
Blackwell, PhyllisCustomer Service Supervisor(828) 697-3229
Bowman, KimberleyRevenue Accountant(828) 233--3203
Buchanan, JohnFinance Director(828) 233-2880
Guinea, LigiaAccountant(828) 697-3000
Justice, CerissaCustomer Service Representative(828) 697-3052
Layton, AmberCustomer Service Collection Specialist(828) 697-3052
Lunsford, Melinda Customer Service Representative(828) 697-3052
McCall, RebekahCustomer Service Collection Specialist(828) 697-3052
Klumpp, EmilyCustomer Service Representative(828) 697-3052
McMinn, JamieCustomer Service Representative(828) 697-3052
Musselwhite, JenniferRevenue Supervisor(828) 697-3022
Powell, KrystalAccounting Supervisor(828) 697-3056
Smith, MeganCustomer Service Representative(828) 697-3056
Staton, AshleyAccounting Coordinator(828) 697-3080
Williams, WendyUtility Billing Specialist(828) 697-3052



Baker, DillonFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Bentley, TonyFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Bingham, JacobFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Bishop, DylanFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Burnette, WilliamFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Cagle, TimFire Captain(828) 697-3024
Corey, DavidFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Cortes, VictoriaFire Training & Logistics Officer(828) 697-3024
Deso, RayFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Dunne, BryanFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Gasperson, ColtonFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Hearn, ChristopherFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Herring, JohnFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Hossley, CorbanFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Justice, John WFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Kaplan, PaulFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
King, Mary BethFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Ludwig, PamelaAdministrative Aide III(828) 697-3024
Kleppe, Thomas Fire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Martin, ChristopherFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Martin, TerryFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
McCrain, TannerFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Mehaffey, III, RickyFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Miller, Christian Fire Battalion Chief(828) 697-3024
Miller, JamesFire Chief(828) 697-3024
Morgan, JaredFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Nicholson, DustinFire Battalion Chief(828) 697-3024
Nourigat, HollyFire Battalion Chief(828) 697-3024
Ostrander, MichaelAssistant Fire Marshal(828) 697-3024
Praytor, Billy RayFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Privette, ClaytonFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Putnam, DaltonFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Rempel, JesseFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024
Swain,JosephFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Thompson, JacobFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Ward, JonFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Ward, JustinFire  Marshal(828) 697-3024
Williams, DylanFire Engineer(828) 697-3024
Womack, CameronFire Lieutenant(828) 697-3024
Zavos, RileyFirefighter/EMT(828) 697-3024


Human Resources

Harrell, JenniferHuman Resources Director(828) 697-3003
Van Wyk, DeannaHuman Resources Analyst(828) 697-3020
Welter, Lu AnnHuman Resources Coordinator(828) 233-3204



Allman, ColbyPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Baird, IV, RobertPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Blake, Herbert Chief of Police(828) 697-3031
Bonanno, AlanPolice Sergeant(828) 697-3051
Burcham, WandaPolice Telecommunicator(828) 697-3025
Cantwell, RobertPolice Sergeant(828)697-3051
Capps, MatthewPolice Detective(828) 697-3025
Castle, SusanPatrol Administrative Assistant(828) 697-3051
Childress, ZeffreyPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Clouse, AnitaParking Services Supervisor(828) 697-3050
Corn, MichellePolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Cox, TraceyPolice Captain(828) 697-3038
Cromer, KassandraPolice Telecommunicator(828) 697-3025
Darrah, BrucePolice Sergeant(828) 697-3051
Drake , Jennifer Police Officer(828) 697-3051
Durner, MalindaPolice Detective(828) 697-3051
Gardin, GarrettSchool Resource Officer(828) 697-3051
Glisson, Amber Lead Telecommunicator(828) 697-3025
Gunnin, AndrewPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Henderson, Tiffany Police Telecommunicator(828) 697-3025
Hipps, KennethPolice Lieutenant(828) 697-3051
Howard, MonicaTelecommunications Supervisor(828) 697-3025
Hoyle, MichellePolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Ingram, KatherineCriminal Investigations Administrative Assistant / Evidence Technician(828) 697-3042
Joanson, NicolePolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Johnston, EzekielPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Justus, MelissaAdministrative Assistant III(828) 697-3031
Laite , Peter Police Detective(828) 697-3051
LaRowe, Eric Police Detective(828) 697-3051
Laws, TraePolice Sergeant(828) 697-3051
Leroy, ChrisPolice Captain(828) 697-3042
Lockhart, AliciaPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Massey, AndreReserve Police Officer(828 )697-3051
McDonald, StephenPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Morales, AdalbertoPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Nesbitt, KeenanPolice Officer(828)697-3051
Nix, KylePolice Officer(828 )697-3051
Nix, Nancy Police Telecommunicator(828) 697-3025
Olsen, RichPolice Lieutenant(828) 697-3042
Patton, DalePolice Captain(828) 697-3042
Philon, CurtisPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Putnam, AlexaPolice Support Specialist(828) 697-3036
Putnam, AustinPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Singleton, CameronPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Smith, Nathan Police Lieutenant(828) 697-3051
Swain, AngelaPolice Support Specialist(828) 697-3036
Tweed, JeffPolice Telecommunicator(828) 697-3025
Valdibia, AntonioPolice Officer(828) 697-3051
Vance, MarcusSchool Resource Officer(828) 697-3051
Vesely, MikePolice Lieutenant(828) 697-3051
Wing, JonathanPolice Sergeant(828) 697-3051
Worthy, LeonPolice Lieutenant(828) 697-3051
Young, IsiahPolice Officer(828) 697-3051


Public Works

Allen, ChristopherStreet Maintenance Worker I(828) 697-3086
Anders, Jesse Fleet Equipment Mechanic(828) 697-3086
Barnwell, Christopher Property Maintenance Worker II(828) 697-3084
Bernabe, Alejandro Property Maintenance Crewleader(828) 697-3084
Bonham, AnthonyFleet Equipment Service Specialist(828) 697-3086
Bradley, RickyProperty Maintenance Worker II(828) 697-3084
Buckner, JeremyTraffic Control Technician I(828) 697-3084
Cantrell , Mike Environmental Services Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Cliff, AlanEnvironmental Services Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Clugh, TylerStreet Maintenance Worker I(828) 697-3084
Colecio, Joseph Environmental Services Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Cueto, LuisStreet Maintenance Worker I(828) 697-3084
Devine, WilliamEnvironmental Services Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Freeman, Chad Assistant Public Works Director(828) 697-3084
Galloway , EricProperty Maintenance Worker I(828) 697-3084
Gomez, JonathanFleet Equipment Mechanic(828) 697-3084
Henderson, Kemper Property Maintenance Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Henderson, RossBuilding Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3084
Hensley, TimothyStreet Maintenance Supervisor(828) 697-3084
Hernandez, MiguelEnvironmental Services Worker I(828) 697-3084
Hoard, JoshuaEnvironmental Services Supervisor(828) 697-3084
Jackson, KimberlyAdministrative Assistant I(828) 697-3084
King, Timothy Environmental Services Crewleader(828) 697-3084
Kirchner, KyleStreet Maintenance Worker II(828) 697-3084
Ledford, TammyAdministrative Assistant III(828) 697-3084
Lowery, EvanEnvironmental Services Worker I(828) 697-3084
Martin, JodyBuilding Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3084
Maybin, JoshuaStreet Maintenance Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Mendosa, DeonEnvironmental Services Worker I(828) 697-3084
Merbitz, ChristopherEnvironmental Services Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Mundy, Brandon Traffic Control Supervisor(828) 697-3084
Mundy, LarryFleet Maintenance Supervisor(828) 697-3086
Pope, BrentTraffic Control Technician II(828) 697-3084
Redden, Stacy Street Maintenance Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
Reeves, Larry Building Maintenance Supervisor(828) 697-3084
Rhodes, KevinProperty Maintenance Supervisor(828) 697-3084
Shipman, James Property Maintenance Worker I(828) 697-3084
Smith, TerryBuilding Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3084
Tankersley, Frank Street Maintenance Crewleader(828) 697-3084
Taylor, RobertFleet Equipment Mechanic(828) 697-3084
Vargas Uribe, JoseEnvironmental Services Worker I(828) 697-3084
Warren, Patrick Fleet Equipment Mechanic(828) 697-3086
West, RoyEnvironmental Services Equipment Operator(828) 697-3084
White, DylanEnvironmental Services Worker I(828) 697-3084
Wooten, TomPublic Works Director(828) 697-3084


Water and Sewer

Albertson, KevinLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Bell, StephenWater Treatment Laboratory Supervisor(828) 891-7779
Bentley, DanielLine Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3073
Bingham, DamianLine Maintenance Mechanic(828) 697-3073
Blackwell, Clay Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I(828) 697-3073
Blackwell, DilleLine Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Bowen, AlanUtilities Locator(828) 697-3073
Brewer, ChristopherOperations Support Supervisor(828) 697-3073
Brogden, AndyOperations Manager(828) 697-3073
Brown, RickWater Treatment Plant Operator III(828) 891-7779
Browning, JoshuaLine Maintenance Mechanic(828) 697-3073
Chovan, ScottWastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor(828)697-3077
Clugh, JamesLine Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Cody, ZacOperations Support Specialist(828) 697-3073
Cooke, PatrickWater Treatment Plant Operator II(828) 891-7779
Demoss, GarrettWastewater Treatment Plant Facilities Manager(828) 697-3077
Doughty, EvanLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3077
Duncan, BradFacilities Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Ellison , BrettMeter Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3073
Erwin, Elizabeth GracieEnvironmental Services Coordinator(828) 697-3073
Fletcher, TracyOperations Support Specialist(828) 697-3073
Gordon, HarleyLine Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3073
Heatherly, JayGIS/ IT Analyst(828) 697-3000
Heatherly, LewisLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Herman, HunterMeter Services Technician(828) 697-3073
Herman, Matthew Line Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Jennings, DarenLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Johnson, ShermanWater Treatment Plant Operator III(828) 891-7779
Jones, Andrew Utility Systems Supervisor(828) 697-3073
Jones, AustinInstrumentation & Electrical Technician(828) 697-3073
Jones, DwayneFacilities Maintenance Supervisor(828) 697-3073
Keener, MatthewLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Kinman, Chad Meter Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3073
Kirchner, KeithChief Water Treatment Plant Operator(828) 891-7779
Laughter Jr., JerryWastewater Treatment Operator I(828) 697-3077
Laughter, TimLine Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Ledford, RichardLine Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Levi, Ricky Water Treatment Facilities Manager(828) 891-7779
Lynch, KeithUtilities Locator(828) 697-3073
Lyons, KaseyWastewater Treatment Plant Operator I(828) 697-3077
Mathisen, BrentAdvanced Meter Infrastructure Analyst(828)697-3073
Maybin, JustinGenerator Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3073
McCall, BrianLine Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3073
Miller, Kirk Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator(828) 697-3077
Morgan, KourtneyWater Treatment Plant Operator III(828) 891-7779
Mudd, Paul Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator III(828) 697-3077
Norton, GaryWater Treatment Plant Operator III(828) 891-7779
Orr, BrentleyLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Osteen, MorganLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Owen, JonathanLeak Detection Technician(828) 697-3073
Page, KennethInflow and Infiltration Technician(828) 697-3073
Perrow,Jr. DavidWater Treatment Plant Operator III(828 )697-3077
Poss, JeremyUtilities Technology Manager(828) 233-3230
Putnam, Jeremiah Facilities Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3077
Reedy, George Water Treatment Plant Operator III(828) 891-7779
Rice, AdamLine Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Roberts, BrandonLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Rogers, Alan Facilities Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3073
Rogers, Jacoby Facilities Maintenance Technician(828) 697-3073
Ruppe, NicholasWastewater Treatment Operator I(828) 697-3077
Saltz, AnthonyLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Sexton, Tim Utility Systems Supervisor(828) 697-3073
Smathers, CalebLine Maintenance Crew Leader(828) 697-3073
Smith, Brady Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Technician(828) 697-3077
Smith, BrandonLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3077
Smith, Lee Utilities Director(828) 697-3073
Stepp, BoLine Maintenance Mechanic(828) 697-3073
Stepp, WilliamLine maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Steurer, AdamUtility Engineer(828) 697-3073
Stewart, LucasMeter Services Technician(828) 697-3073
Taylor, BrandonLine Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Trammell, KyleLine Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3073
Ursin, JorjaAdministrative Assistant I(828) 697-3073
Warren, JaredWater Treatment Plant Operator I(828) 891-7779
Warren, StevenWater Treatment Plant Operator II(828) 891-7779
Wiggins, Rhonda Administrative Assistant III(828) 233-3206
Williams, AustinLine Maintenance Mechanic II(828) 697-3073
Williams, GregFacilities Maintenance Mechanic I(828) 697-3073
Williams, Paul Operations Support Specialist(828) 697-3073