Business Advisory Committee

The Business Advisory Committee gives advice and recommendations to City Council on decisions that may affect the business community to help prevent unintended consequences from decisions made by the Council. The Committee was formed by resolution which was later amended to clarify property ownership. 


The purpose of the Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Council to review and discuss existing and/or proposed policies and ordinances that have an impact on businesses and to prevent unintended consequences from decisions made by the Council. The Council desires to hear advice and receive recommendations from the Committee. This committee will meet quarterly with special-called meetings as issues arise.

Membership & Terms

The Business Advisory Committee consists of nine (9) members of the local business community. All members serve three-year staggered terms which expire June 30. 

Six (6) are appointed by the City of Hendersonville City Council. 

One (1) is appointed by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners. Persons seeking to apply for this seat must fill out a County Boards/Commissions/Committees application. 

One (1) is appointed by the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce.

One (1) is appointed by the Partnership for Economic Development.

All Committee members shall be individuals, principals or other significant representatives of business as determined by the City Council. No member shall concurrently be a member of the Committee and hold popularly elected office with any governmental body.


Meetings are held on the second Monday of January, April, July and October at 11:30 a.m. in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room inside City Hall located at 160 6th Ave. E., Hendersonville, NC 28792. 







Jill Murray, City Clerk 
160 Sixth Avenue E.
Hendersonville, NC 28792
email or (828) 697-3005


City Council Liaison - Dr. Jennifer Hensley
Chris Cormier - Chamber of Commerce - June, 2024
Rebecca Waggoner - Vice Chair, Henderson County - June, 2025
Brittany Brady - Partnership for Economic Development - June, 2024
Ken Gordon, Chair - June, 2025
Jay Egolf - June, 2025
Cam Boyd - June, 2024
John Stevens - June, 2025
Sarah Cosgrove - June, 2025
Adam Justus - June, 2025

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