Requests for Special Appropriations & ARP Special Appropriations

Annual Requests for Funding

If your organization is requesting funds from the City of Hendersonville, please complete the Special Appropriations Application (Annual Budget Funding Requests) below.  The City Council will review your request during their annual budget deliberations. 

American Rescue Plan (ARP) Requests for Funding

As part of the American Rescue Plan passed by the federal government in 2021, the City of Hendersonville received $4.5 million in relief funds to be spent by the end of 2024. The city has decided to designate $1 million of the money it has received from the American Rescue Plan to nonprofit organizations in the City of Hendersonville. $250,000 will be awarded to nonprofits who are approved and meet specific requirements as listed below. Over the past year, City Staff have assisted City Council in determining how to allocate those funds in a way that has the most impact on our community. As part of the FY22-23 budget process, the City Council held community input meetings where participants shared how they felt the city should allocate funds from the American Rescue Plan. At the conclusion of these meetings, the City decided to allocate $2 million to fund 2-4 transformative community projects that address the needs brought up in these community input meetings.

All requests for funding must be related to COVID-19 mitigation or recovery efforts and fall within the parameters of at least one of the following goals set by the treasury department along with other requirements listed at the end of the application form. Per the regulations surrounding these funds, any funding that is given to organizations for this project must be obligated by December 2024 and spent no later than December 2026. All projects must adhere to the requirements set by the Treasury Department for eligible uses of ARP funds which can be found here City Staff will review all projects for eligibility before presenting them to Council. 

ARP Goals:

  • To make necessary improvements to water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure 
  • Replace lost revenue caused by the pandemic  
  • Supporting public health expenditures 
  • Addressing negative economic impacts caused by the pandemic  

 Organizations who meet these criteria may apply for ARP funding using the ARP Special Appropriations Application  below.

The use of requested funds must be directly related to COVID-19 recovery efforts to qualify.  The form may be found below. 


ARP Special Appropriations Application (*Must Be Directly Related to COVID-19 Recovery Efforts*)

ARP Special Appropriations Application DUE Friday July 29th, 2022 by 5:00 p.m.

This form will require general information, such as program details, as well as specific details, such as organizational capacity and what will be accomplished with the funds.  You will be required to complete the form by Friday July 29th, 2022 by 5:00 p.m.  Any questions regarding the submission of the form should be directed to Adam Murr at

Once your form is submitted, the City Budget Office will organize the information and present it to City Council for presentation and discussion. After a decision is made, a list of recommended ARP Projects will be made available.  This recommended list may then be formally approved by the City Council at their September 2022 council meeting.  Any approved entities will be required to enter into a contract in order to receive the funds.

Annual Funding Requests - Special Appropriations

Organizations may make funding requests of the City of Hendersonville by using the Special Appropriations Application. For a request to be considered by Council during their annual budget cycle, an individual or group will need to complete the Special Appropriations Application and file it with the Office of  Budget & Management. The FY21-22 cycle is currently under consideration. Please check back for more information and to apply in the FY22-23 cycle. 

Adam Murr
Budget Manager
(828) 233-2879