Traffic Division

The Public Works Traffic Division maintains 42 City owned traffic signals on (City Owned Roadways), over 8000 signs and posts, 301 City owned decorative street lights, 175 historic banners, 5 trail emergency phones, 5 electric car charging stations, over 1500 parking spaces, & 27 parking kiosks within the City. They also assist with special event support, snow removal, tree trimming, storm clean up, parade detour routes, & traffic data collection among other responsibilities. Of course, the maintenance responsibilities depends on the street on which they are located ( for example; a signal or regulatory sign on an NCDOT street is NCDOT's traffic signal or regulatory sign). Street name signs that are on a NCDOT roadway are maintained and installed by Henderson County to request street name sign maintenance use this link. Henderson County Missing or Damaged Street Name Sign Link

We receive a lot of calls wanting a new traffic signal installed, restricted parking, or other traffic-related requests. The proper procedure to accomplish such a change is to write a letter or call the Police Department with your concern/thoughts. After receiving this request, the City has a formal procedure that is followed which includes conducting traffic counts, investigate the number of accidents, perform speed checks and investigate the visibility at the specific location. The Manual on Uniformed Traffic Control Devices is used to determine if the request meets warrants as specified in the manual. The Public Works Department in conjunction with the Police Department submit their findings to the City Council with a recommendation to deny or approve the request. The City Council makes the final decision.




Brandon Mundy

Public Works Superintendent- Environmental Services, Streets & Traffic
(828) 697-3084
Brent Pope
Supervisor- Traffic Division
(828) 697-3084