Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Walk Hendo Pedestrian Plan [PDF]

The Walk Hendo Pedestrian Plan was adopted by City Council in 2023. This plan was made possible through a Multimodal Planning Grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation Integrated Mobility Division. The purpose of Walk Hendo is to create a comprehensive plan that lays the groundwork for new and improved pedestrian connections between important destinations, enabling people to easily navigate Hendersonville on foot. Additionally, Walk Hendo strives to foster a community that is welcoming to pedestrians by implementing programs and policies that support and prioritize their needs.


Bicycle Plan Final Report [PDF]

The Hendersonville Bicycle Plan was adopted by City Council in 2018. It was developed in part by a grant from NCDOT and a donation from the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club. The Bicycle Plan recommends a network of various facilities to make Hendersonville connected, safe, and comfortable for bike riders of all ages and abilities.


Prior Plans:


2007 Pedestrian Plan Final Report [PDF]

The Pedestrian Plan was adopted by City Council in 2007. The City received a grant from NCDOT to develop a comprehensive pedestrian plan that aims make Hendersonville more pedestrian friendly. The primary focus of the plan is identification of new sidewalks along existing roads and future connections to pedestrian attractions and greenways.