Understanding Water Usage

Understanding My Water Usage

The City of Hendersonville utilizes rates based on a per 1,000 gallons model of consumption. Billing statements are printed with a usage indicator referenced in Hgal units (hundreds of gallons). As a result, when attempting to calculate a bill, please multiply the usage by a factor of 100 to determine the actual amount of water consumed. A sample calculation is provided below. Please note, sewer is calculated on a different rate schedule utilizing water consumption data. Schedule of Rates and Fees

Sample Calculation: If your billing statement shows a usage of 20, the usage calculation would be as follows:
20 Hgals x 100 = 2,000-gallons (2,000-gallons/1000) = usage multiplication factor = 2
Actual Bill = Base Rate + (Usage Rate x Usage Multiplication Factor)

To see an estimate of your household water usage and changes you can make to conserve water, please visit the Home Water Works link.


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