Land Management

Goal Overview:

Increase and enhance Hendersonville's green spaces while improving tree canopy cover, protecting pollinator biodiversity, promoting outdoor recreation, community gardens, and improving the overall health and character of our City. See below for actions taken to reach our goal:


                                                Resolution 15-0518; Bee City USA Designation                          
                                                Ordinance O-21-08; Clear Creek Greenway Project
                                                Resolution 07-0420; Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control         
                                                Ordinance O-22-32; Ecusta Trail Project  
                                                Resolution 02-0527; Rural Landscape Protection for Pavement 
                                                Ordinance O-22-10; Streambank Restoration Project

Community Garden

7th Avenue Community Garden - Located adjacent to Sullivan Park in the historic 7th Avenue district, this community garden was started in 2011 with a partnership between the City of Hendersonville and a few dedicated community members to use City land for a community garden in the Green Meadows community. Currently, the garden is in the process of being revamped and we need your help! To get involved or to learn more about this initiative, please contact Caitlyn Gendusa.

Biodiversity & Pollinators

  • The City operates tree maintenance with an integrated pest management plan that includes promoting tree health by proper pruning, soil & nutrient management, pest management, and routine monitoring.
  • The City's Public Works Department routinely removes and treats invasive species and promotes the use of native species where feasible. No invasive species are ever planted. Pesticides are not used within pollinator habitat areas.
  • The City maintains multiple pollinator projects throughout the city including:

Oklawaha Greenway Pollinator Site

The Oklawaha Greenway Pollinator Site sits along 3.5 miles of the fully paved Oklawaha Greenway which winds through wetlands, meadows, and forests to connect four parks and is easily accessible from five convenient parking areas. Currently, the pollinator site is under construction with sunflowers and milkweed being planted for the 2023 summer season.

Note: The City's Bee City USA program is looking for volunteers to help with this effort! If interested, please contact Caitlyn Gendusa. 

Downtown bee mural demonstration garden beds

These beds are located at the Azalea Parking Lot facing Third Ave. E. between N. Main Street and King Street. The gardens are planted and maintained by the Tree Board as part of Hendersonville’s Bee City USA program and serve as examples of pollinator-friendly landscaping that can be replicated at home. The gardens also include plant labels, educational signage, and native bee hotels.

Bearcat Loop Tree & Pollinator Plantings

Hendersonville’s Tree Board has planted over 80 trees and established 7 raised beds along Bearcat Loop. Among these plantings you’ll find pawpaw, sourwood, and Carolina silverbell as well as perennial favorites including milkweed, mountain mint, goldenrod, cardinal flower, black-eyed susan, joe-pye weed and more.

Pollinator Trail

Completed by the City’s Bee City USA efforts, the Pollinator Trail is a self-guided pollinator trail experience that takes visitors to view a public art, gardens & habitats, shops, and more related to our pollinators

Pollinator muralPollinator Trail | City of Hendersonville, NC | Official Website

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