Water Leaks

All water leaks are a priority, however our crews maintain more than 680 miles water pipe so the timing of maintenance is based largely on workload. Leaks posing a potential threat to health and safety are classified as emergencies and always receive immediate attention. Other leaks are repaired based on severity: the amount of water loss and the potential for property damage. Depending on our workload, response times can sometimes be a little longer for the smallest leaks. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide the highest level of utility service to our customers.
​If you are experiencing a water leak inside a building or between the water meter and a building, please consult with a plumber. You may also have a water leak on private plumbing if your water bill is unusually high. 

Minor Leak

  • are not a hazard to anyone
  • are not damaging property
  • are leaking slowly
  • the leak is small
  • the leak is not causing any loss of water pressure to surrounding customers

Medium Priority Leak

  • are a steady flow that causes attention, but is not causing any property damage
  • the leak is minor but could results in property damage if left unattended
  • surrounding customers have low water pressure
  • some priority leaks may take longer due to the number of emergencies and other priority leaks that need to be repaired first
Priority Leak 2

Emergency Leak

  • when neighborhoods or businesses do not have water
  • property damage is occurring
  • it’s a hazard to the public
  • could cause major ice spots in the winter
  • a customer has no water pressure or flow
Emergency Leak

To report a leak, please call:

(828) 697-3073 (8:00am-5:00pm M-F) 

(828) 891-7779 (After hours, weekends and holidays)