Boards and Commissions

The boards and commissions of the City of Hendersonville serve under the auspices of the City Charter or by City Ordinance. The City Council creates boards, commissions, task forces, etc. to carry out a variety of functions on behalf of the community. Some boards, e.g., Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, Historic Preservation, are created by authority of the North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS). The boards are authorized to exercise any one or more of the following functions: legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, administrative, or advisory.

Because these boards are created by, or under the authority of the governing board, City Council, they are considered a separate public body. A public body is subject to the open meetings law but are permitted to hold closed sessions to exclude the public only for specific purposes. All boards must keep minutes of all official meetings (NCGS ยง143-318.10(e). Special, emergency and recessed meetings are permitted and may require specific notice.

A schedule of all boards is posted at City Hall for those boards that hold regular meetings.

All members, with the exception of the ABC Board, serve without compensation. Meetings are held in the Assembly Room of the Operations Center located at 305 Williams Street, Hendersonville, NC unless otherwise noted.

Serving on one of the City's boards

The City of Hendersonville appreciates your interest in serving on our boards. The Council realizes future leadership of the City often comes from members serving on these Boards and places a high value on these volunteers. In the event there is not a vacancy at the time of your application, the City Clerk will retain your application on file for one year to present to the City Council when an opening arises. If you have not been appointed within one year, you may reapply.

For certain positions, the City Council may wish to interview applicants to get to know them and their interests so the applicant may be matched to a commission or board for which they are well suited. The City Clerk will notify you if this is necessary.

In addition to these boards, there are several ad-hoc or standing committees which advise the City Council on specific issues. Please contact the City Clerk for more information on these ad hoc committees.

Official lists of board and commission members are available by contacting the City Clerk.

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2020 Meeting Schedule

2020 Downtown Committees Meeting Schedule

For more information on boards and commissions appointed by the City, please contact City Clerk Angela Reece by e-mail or by calling 828/697-3005.