Planning Board


The Planning Board consists of ten members, seven of whom are citizens and residents of the city and the other three are citizens and residents of the city's area of extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Appointment of members

The seven members of the Planning Board, required to be residents of the city, are appointed by the City Council. The other three members are appointed by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners.

Terms of members

The members of the Planning Board serve three-year terms. Should any member no longer reside in the jurisdiction from which appointed, that member is no longer entitled to serve on the Planning Board and must resign. Vacancies occurring for reasons other than the expiration of terms are filled by the City Council as they occur for the period of the unexpired term.


The Planning Board elects a chairperson in January of each year and any other offices specified in its rules of procedure. The chair and other officers will hold office for one year and are eligible for reelection.

Rules and regulations

The Planning Board has adopted Rules of Procedure for the conduct of its business and is authorized to adopt such further rules and regulations as are reasonable and necessary to the fulfillment of the duties delegated to it under this chapter.


A quorum of a simple majority is required of the members of the Planning Board for the purpose of taking any official action required of the Board.

Powers and duties generally. Except as limited herein, the Planning Board has all the powers and duties provided by the North Carolina General Statutes for municipal planning agencies.


The Planning Board may conduct public hearings as may be required to gather information necessary for the drafting, establishment, and maintenance of the comprehensive plan. Before adopting any such plan, it holds at least one public hearing thereon. The Planning Board also conducts such hearings as are necessary for the purpose of considering applications for rezoning, site plan approval, and special use permits.

Publicity generally

The Planning Board has power to promote public interest in and an understanding of its recommendations, and to that end it may publish and distribute copies of its recommendations and may employ such other means of publicity and education as it may determine.

Records of proceedings

The Planning Board keeps a record of its findings and recommendations and these are public records.

Regularly scheduled meetings

The Planning Board meets the second Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Assembly Room of the Operations Center at 305 Williams Street, Hendersonville, NC.

Rules of Procedure



Agendas & Minutes 


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