ABC Board

Organization Description

The ABC Board is composed of a chairman and two other members who are well-known for their character, ability, and business acumen. The members serve three-year terms and are appointed by the City Council. The chairman of this Board is designated by the City Council.

Authority of Board

A local ABC Board has the authority under North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 18B-701 to:

  • Buy, sell, transport, and possess alcoholic beverages as necessary for the operation of its ABC stores.
  • Adopt rules for its ABC system, subject to the approval of the ABC Commission.
  • Hire and fire employees for the ABC System.
  • Designate one employee as manager of the ABC system and determine his responsibilities.
  • Require bonds of employees as provided in the rules of the ABC Commission.
  • Operate ABC stores according to State ABC laws.
  • Issue purchase/transportation permits according to State ABC laws.
  • Employ local ABC officers or contract for these services.

The Board also has the authority to borrow money, buy and lease real and personal property and receive property.

Disposal of Profits

The distribution of revenue from the operation of a liquor control store is regulated by North Carolina General Statutes ยง18B-805. The local ABC Board pays 5 percent or $20,000, whichever is greater, for law enforcement and 12% for education. Net profits derived from the operation of a liquor control store in the City after deducting the necessary funds for law enforcement is divided as follows: 50 percent for the City of Hendersonville, 25 percent to the governing body of Henderson County, 1 percent to the public library, 24 percent to the Board of Education. These funds are paid quarterly.

Additional Stores

The City Council may authorize the establishment and operation of additional stores within the City of Hendersonville.

Regularly scheduled meetings. Regular meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the ABC Office located at 205 S. Church Street, Hendersonville, NC.


Regular monthly meetings of the ABC Board are held the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the ABC Office, 205 S. Church St., Hendersonville, NC.