Water and Sewer Projects


The City of Hendersonville opened sealed formal Bids, from the previously prequalified bidders only, at 2:30 pm on June 20, 2017 for the furnishing of materials, labor, and equipment for the construction of the City of Hendersonville Water Treatment Plant High Service Pump Replacement project in the City Operations Center, 305 Williams Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792. The project consists of the replacement of the four (4) existing high service pumps with two (2) new 600 horsepower and two (2) new 450 horsepower vertical turbine high service pumps; structural modifications to the existing high service pump equipment pads to accept the new vertical turbine pumps; replacement of the existing high service pump soft starters with new variable frequency drives (VFDs); installation of new split system air conditioning units and ductwork in the existing electrical building; installation of a new exhaust fan and louvers in the existing high service pump building; and hardwiring and installation of all electrical and controls hardware associated with the new pumps and VFDs. This project has been substantially completed and is scheduled for final completion in May 2019. The new pumps, motors and VFDs are operational and working very well.

Engineer: McKim & Creed

Contractor: Wharton Smith, Inc.

Contract Drawings and Bidding Documents

Invitation to Bid

Addendum No. 1 (Issued May 26, 2017)

Addendum No. 2 (Issued June 8, 2017)

Addendum No. 3 (Issued June 14, 2017)

Initial Bid Results

Final Bid Results, Bid Tabulation and Engineer's Recommendation Letter

Construction Schedule: Mobilization - October 2018

Completion - May 2019


This project will include the installation of approximately 14,000-ft. of 12-inch ductile iron water main from the proposed booster pumping station to be located adjacent to Morgan Rd. in the Etowah area. This new pump station will lift water up to the 500,000-gallon storage tank to be located on Little Mountain off of Drexel Rd. These improvements should allow the City to remove several hydropnuematic pump stations currently boosting water pressure at some of the higher elevations of the City's water system in the Etowah area.

Engineer: Black & Veatch



This second phase complements the Phase 1 pipeline (completed - May 2011) and will consist of an intake and raw water pumping station located adjacent to the French Broad River; tentatively scheduled for construction in 2019.

Engineer: Black & Veatch



Each of the City's past stream restoration projects have incorporated bioengineering practices using native riparian vegetation. This natural approach restored the ecological and hydrological balance of the stream by utilizing structurally sound, economically feasible and ecologically sustainable methods. The restoration methods used included bank shaping and planting; construction of riffles and pools; installation of rock vanes and vegetation geolifts; the reestablishment of riparian buffer; and the use of native vegetation. City crews have identified sixteen (16) new problem areas that are in need of streambank restoration. These proposed sites are listed below:

• Cherry Branch Streambank Restoration • Comet Drive Streambank Restoration

• Meadowbrook Terrace Streambank Restoration • Mud Creek Streambank Restoration - Completed

• The Oaks Streambank Restoration • Haywood Townes Drive Streambank Restoration

• Brittain Creek Streambank Restoration and Stormwater Wetland • Maple Street Streambank Restoration

• Allen Branch and Clear Creek Streambank Restoration • Lakewood Road Streambank Restoration

• Allen Branch Streambank Restoration • Jordan Street Streambank Restoration

• Wash Creek Streambank Restoration • Fitzsimmons Street Streambank Restoration

• Spartanburg Highway Streambank Restoration

The City has received a 20-year $2,982,484 state revolving loan (no interest) in order to restore these sites and to preserve the integrity of the City's sewer infrastructure adjacent to these locations. This project will restore approximately 11,000-linear feet of streambank along these 15-sites.

Engineer: Wildlands Engineering