Lower Laurel Park Area - Sewer Assessment Area

Milestone timeline:

Interest Meeting With Residents
November 18, 2021

The City of Hendersonville has been in communication with several residents in the lower Laurel Park area who have inquired about connecting their homes to the City’s sewer system. In response to these inquiries, the City plans to hold an informational meeting to gauge the level of interest in a potential sewer extension project that would serve the area.  

City staff have recently developed a Utility Assessment Policy that allows residents to petition the City to receive public utility service. At this meeting, City staff will provide an overview of this policy, describe the process for extending sewer service to your area, and answer questions. 

The City wishes to emphasize that significant community support (at least two thirds of property owners within the project area shown on the attached map) is necessary for a petition project to be successful. Petitioners should also understand that a monetary assessment will ultimately be levied against their property in order to help finance the project. 


WHAT: Interest meeting to discuss a potential sewer extension project to the Lower Laurel Park Area  

WHERE: City Operations Center – 305 Williams St Hendersonville, NC 28792  

WHEN: Thursday November 18, 2021 at 6:00 P.M.  


lower laurel park map