Etowah Area Water Improvements Project

Project Overview

The Etowah Area Water System Improvement Project includes the installation of approximately 14,800 linear feet of 12 and 8-inch water mains, a 500,000-gallon ground level water storage tank, construction of a booster pumping station, access road, and demolition of an existing elevated water storage tank and three existing booster pumping stations. The project will increase pressure and fire flow in the area through the use of pressure zone modifications.

Pressure Zone Modification

The City of Hendersonville has been making improvements to its water system in the Etowah area to help maintain safe and reliable water service. This work began in Fall 2019 and should be completed in the Spring of 2021.

What changes are happening?

Existing water pressure within the Etowah area ranges from 20 to 85 pounds per square inch (psi). Once the project is completed in the Spring of 2021, pressures may increase by approximately 40 psi above the current water pressure.

How do I know if my property is within the area of the pressure zone modification? 

Properties within the upcoming pressure modification in the Etowah area will receive the following:

  • Initial pressure zone modification letter mailed at least 4 months in advance of the change
  • Secondary notice letter mailed approximately 4 weeks in advance of the change
  • A reminder 1-2 weeks before implementation

What should I do if my property is within the area of modification?

Take note of the pressure modification date for your area in the communications you receive and consider doing the following before implementation: 

Check that your plumbing system has a pressure reducing valve (PRV) installed

A PRV is a device that reduces and stabilizes the water pressure entering a property typically to between 50 and 80 psi, helping to protect plumbing when the pressure in the Town's water lines are higher. The NC Plumbing Code requires a PRV to be installed on private plumbing systems where the pressure in the municipal water lines serving that property exceeds 80 psi.

While interior home plumbing pipes and fittings are typically rated for pressures higher than 80 psi, home plumbing materials tend to last longer and have fewer leaks if used at lower pressures. PRVs are typically located inside the building and before any other connections on the incoming water supply line. If you have a crawlspace, the PRV may be installed just inside the foundation wall. If there is no crawlspace, the PRV may be in a closet at the front side of a residence. In a business, it is typically in an equipment room. It should be noted however that installation of a PRV inside the building does not protect privately-owned service piping outside of the structure from increased water pressure.

pressure reducing valve

The City of Hendersonville will not be responsible for damage to your property as a result of the pressure zone modifications described above. Therefore, before the estimated project completion date (Spring 2021), we highly recommend you verify the existence, location, and proper operation of a PRV on your water service piping. If you require assistance, please consult a licensed plumber to provide you with this service.

Assess your automatic irrigation system

Automatic irrigation systems can be equipped with a PRV and, just like your property's PRV, check if it's installed, is working or is needed. Having backflow prevention does not mean your irrigation system is protected against high pressure. Consult with your irrigation contractor as needed.

Etowah water project map

Project Contacts

Brent Detwiler, PE
City Engineer
City of Hendersonville

Project Updates



The contractor continues to construct the water storage tank and work will soon begin at the booster pump station site. Water lines have been installed along US 64, Etowah Park Road, Etowah School Road, Drexel Road, Mapleview Drive, and Eade Road. Installation of waterline along Morgan Road will commence this month and will involve temporary lane closures. Any driveways or roads that have been affected by the installation of the waterline will be repaired as part of the project.  Due to the nature of asphalt and concrete as well as the amount of work associated with those items, the contractor will choose a time that is suitable for this work to be completed and the majority of the repairs will be completed at one time.


July 2020

850 feet of 12" waterline have been installed along the access road and Maple Leaf Drive. Work will now begin on the pump station foundation. 

April 2020

PLEASE NOTE:  No work that has been performed as part of this project to date has involved the existing water system in the area.  If you experience any issues in your service please contact the City Water Department to report the problem.

Work on the main water line has been mostly completed along Etowah School road.   There will be additional work required at the entrance of Etowah Elementary and at the intersection with Etowah Park Road.  The secondary lines along Etowah School road that serve the subdivisions have not been tied into the new construction at this time.   This work will be completed after water has been established on the new main line.

The main water line has been constructed along Drexel Road to Drexel Farm Road.  The line will continue along Drexel Road to Maple Leaf Road then proceed along Maple Leaf. 

Any driveways or roads that have been affected by the installation of the waterline will be repaired as part of the project.  Due to the nature of asphalt and concrete as well as the amount of work associated with those items, the contractor will choose a time that is suitable for this work to be completed and the majority of the repairs will be completed in the same time period.

Construction has started on the access road to the tank site.  This work will impact the residents at the end of Eade Road the most.  The contractor will make every effort to minimize the impact of this work on the neighboring residents but there are certain to be inconveniencing moments due to the work required.  This work will involve logging and excavation efforts.  Although there are significant erosion and sediment controls being installed as part of this project, there still could be runoff issues during significant rain events.  If any resident observes an issue during such an event please notify Chris Conard, the City’s construction inspector, at 828-417-1163 or immediately.

The contractor has continued to lay 12" ductile iron pipe (DIP) along Etowah School Road and has made the turn up Drexel Road. The pump station has been reseeded, and the contractor has removed erosion control measures from areas where vegetation has been well established. Over the next month, plans include pouring the pump station foundation, beginning construction on the access road, and the installation of the waterline along Morgan Road.

March 2020

Installation of the new 12” ductile iron pipe (DIP) water line has progressed along Etowah School Road to Riverwind Drive. The contractor will soon be crossing under Etowah School Road, where the recent boring work was completed, to the west side of the road and continuing to install the line toward Drexel Road. The 12” DIP water line will turn to go along the right side of Drexel Road up to Mapleleaf Drive, where it will cross Drexel Road and turn onto Mapleleaf Drive to the cul-de-sac. 

The contractor will soon begin construction of the access road to the new tank site. During the early construction of the access road, temporary sediment traps will need to be installed on the lower portion of the road near Eade Road. The contractor will be seeding and stabilizing the disturbed areas along the access road as soon as reasonably possible during construction to minimize the impact of sedimentation on the lower parts of the site. Residents along Eade Road should expect to see an increase of heavy truck traffic as the construction of the access road and the new tank site progresses.

The contractor will also soon begin construction of 12” DIP water line along Morgan Road. This section of the project will have the new line installed in the middle of the westbound lane of Morgan Road.  Traffic along Morgan Road will be reduced to single-lane traffic in the area of construction using portable traffic signals.

January 2020

The contractor is continuing to lay waterline along Etowah School Road throughout January and at least into February. Construction will start on an access road to the tank location and installation of erosion control measures as clearing progresses.

December 2019

The contractor is making progress on the water line installation along the northeast side of Etowah School Road. Work has now reached the area where more residential properties will begin to see construction impacts as progress moves along Etowah School Road toward Drexel Road. There will be single lane closures along this area during construction.

The contractor is working within NCDOT's right of way and any fencing or other encroaching items that are moved by the contractor must be re-established outside of the DOT right of way. This may result in some items being moved further away from the road than they currently exist; however, the contractor planned to communicate directly with property owners who would be impacted to discuss options.

Residents should not experience any planned interference or change in water service until Spring 2021.