What is "normal" water pressure?

The State requires a minimum of 20 psi (pounds per square inch) at the meter under fire flow conditions and 30 psi under normal conditions; any pressure greater than 80 psi requires protection in the form of a pressure reducing valve (PRV), on the customer's side of the meter, to be owned and maintained by the customer. Pressure in the City's water system ranges from 20 psi up to 300 psi.

How do I report a damaged fire hydrant?

Call the City's Operations Center at 828-697-3072 and the City's water treatment plant at 828-891-7779 after regular business hours, on weekends and on holidays.

Will the City take the cost of sewer off my bill for irrigating or filling a pool?

No, but you can have a separate irrigation meter installed which has no charge for sewer. See City's schedule of rates and fees.

What are the fees for water/sewer taps?

How do I report a blocked sewer?

Call the City's Operations Center at 828-697-3072 during regular business hours and the City's water treatment plant at 828-891-7779 after regular business hours, on weekends and on holidays.

How do I report a water outage?

Call the City's Operations Center at 828-697-3072 during regular business hours and the City's water treatment plant at 828-891-7779 after regular business hours, on weekends and on holidays.

What is a boil water advisory?

A Boil Water Advisory is a public notification informing water customers to boil their tap water before using it for drinking purposes. Advisories are issued in response to an event that could allow contaminants to enter the water distribution system. Events like scheduled water line maintenance, water main breaks, loss of system pressure, power outages or natural disasters can lead to a boil water advisory being issued. View the Boil Water Advisory webpage for more information.

What should I do after a boil water advisory is lifted?

Customers are advised to "flush" their water lines following the lifting of a boil water advisory in order to clear plumbing of potentially contaminated water. View the After a Boil Water Advisory FAQ for more information.

Why does Hendersonville Water and Sewer "flush" water lines and hydrants?

Periodically flushing water mains and hydrants is an important maintenance activity. Flushing the system removes sediment that has slowly built up in the lines, ultimately maintaining the integrity of the water system and allowing Hendersonville Water and Sewer to deliver high quality water to our customers. View the Water Line Flushing FAQ for more information.

What is smoke testing?

The purpose of smoke testing is to find potential points of inflow and infiltration in the public portion of the sanitary sewer system. Crews use a blower to force air and artificially produced, non-toxic, white smoke through a blocked off section of the sanitary sewer system. View the Smoke Testing FAQ for more information. (Pruebas de Humo Preguntas Frecuentes)

What is the discoloration in my toilet, sink, and/or pet's water bowl?

See this article on water flushing for more info. Call 828-697-3072 if you have other questions regarding water discoloration.

If I have a water leak, do I call the City to repair it?

Customers are responsible for repairs to the line on their side of the meter box and into their homes. Any other type of water leak can be reported by calling 828-697-3072.

How do I get my water service started, disconnected, or transferred?

Contact Customer Service at 828-697-3052. More information can be found on the Starting Water/Sewer Service page.

If I have a leak will I get an adjustment on my bill and if so, how much?

Customers are eligible for a leak adjustment once every 24 months. You must call Customer Service at 828-697-3052, when the repair is complete, to request an adjustment. Once your consumption is back down in your normal range, your adjustment will be calculated and appear as an adjustment on the next bill. Any sewer adjustment would be calculated based on if the water lost went into the City sewer system.

Why do I receive a bill for my water and a separate bill for my sewer service?

In certain areas, City of Hendersonville water customers have sewer service provided by Henderson County. These are two separate government entities and payment for that sewer service must be made according to the instructions on that bill.

Where do I call if I have questions about my water/sewer/garbage bill?

Call Customer Service at 828-697-3052.

Why must I prove who I am if I am just paying a bill?

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, the Identity Protection Act of 2005, North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S.) 75-60 of the Identity Theft Protection Act, N.C.G.S. 14-113.20 Identity Theft, and N.C.G.S. 132-1.10 of the Public Records Act (together, the "Act"), the City is required to safeguard certain information of customers. Under this "Act", customer credit information including billing information, pay arrangements, and financial transactions are listed as confidential information and due to this law we will ask you for identifying information to make sure we are not giving any of your confidential information to the wrong person. If you have your bill with you, we do not need to ask you any identifying questions. If we do not have any identifying information set up in our system, you will be asked to show identification and asked if you would like to set up a password to access your account with us.