Downtown Landscaping and Hanging Basket RFP


Downtown Hendersonville consists of two Municipal Service Districts, otherwise known as Business Improvement Districts. One is the Main Street District and the other is the Seventh Avenue District.

The downtown Hendersonville Main Street Municipal Service District was created in 1977 to provide for the installation of the original “serpentine” street design. The original design was refurbished during a multiphase project that was completed in 2013. The design implemented includes landscaped areas throughout. The district consists of 14 city blocks which lie between Seventh Avenue to the north, King Street to the east, Allen Street to the south & Church Street to the west.

The downtown Hendersonville Seventh Avenue Municipal Service District was created in 1994 to provide additional services to the district, including parking and beautification. The district includes street trees and some landscaped areas around the historic Depot, along with street trees along Seventh Avenue.

The landscaped areas in the downtown Main Street District, which total over 33,000 square feet, consist of the following: thirty-five raised brick planters & forty-one at grade planters along Main Street, the planting buffers adjacent to four City owned public parking lots and the at grade planters that surround City Hall. The landscaped areas in the downtown Seventh Avenue District, which total 1,200 sq.ft, consist of the following: 900 sq.ft. of raised bed @ the Depot and 30 at grade tree pits.

Each year the city additionally contracts with an outside entity to put together 192 baskets for the Main Street MSD, 61 baskets for the Seventh Avenue MSD.


Exhibit A  - Map of Districts

Exhibit B - Landscaping Cost Spreadsheet

Exhibit B.1 - Hanging Basket Cost Spreadsheet

Exhibit C - Typical bed layout

Exhibit D - Parking Garage Bed Layout


Amendment # 1 – Posted - April 28, 2022

Extension of Downtown Landscape Services & Hanging Baskets RFP

The due date for the amended RFP is extended by 7 days. The new due date is May 5, 5pm. Any questions must be requested by Monday, May 2 and will be answered by Wednesday, May 4 at 9am.